Friday, December 17, 2010

Shout out Friday

The longer & longer my hair grows out,
the more & more dangerous it becomes for my vacuum cleaner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jared has done it!!!! (this is where I brag about my hubby)

As many of you know, Jared has become a personal trainer over the last 2 years. He has certified with the premiere organization in fitness research. Is also certified as a personal trainer in 2 other divisions, and as he's continuing his education in Kinesiology to be a physical therapist, he has become obsessed with something called CrossFit. What is CrossFit you ask? It is a method of kick a** exercise. That's all I can really say without you seeing it for yourself.

So with a partner named Matt, Jared has opened a CrossFit gym. It's located 7917 Fruitridge road suite E. Right across from the old Squeeze Inn, down the street from the new one. It's been A LOT of work & time. And it's finally done. No more personal training in our garage, I can now have my garage back, yipee!!

Below are some guys Jared is torturing during a workout.

Charlotte helping Bumpa put up the pull ups bar station.
Grant & Nate helping with the ropes.
Some equipment used for work outs.
More pics of the pull up station.
Matt & Heather.
Some details about this business are:

It is called CrossFit Envy, check out this link to view the website. It is not like a normal gym where you go & do a work out by yourself. There are set times for certain classes for set workouts. It's personal training every time you go.
Prices are as follows: 2 classes a week $140 a month
3 classes a week $160 a month
unlimited $180 a month
One hour with Jared to yourself $55. Your body after one month,
you get the idea.
Seems a bit steep, but after you go once, you'll get it.
Work outs can include pull ups, burpees, squats, wall balls,
power cleans, push jerks, dead lifts, push press, runs,
rows, crying, hurting, etc.

To all our friends, come by & take a free class to check it out.

Congrats to Jared & Matt. They totally deserve this!!
Check them out on FB.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need Your Opinion

So I made this quilt for a Christmas gift.
I was going for funky, but not so sure about how it turned out.
Since I've been feeling a little sensitive lately, could you give me your opinion?
If you don't like it, could you be nice? Just need some reassurance.

Hasleton quote

While in the doctor's office, we were asked if anyone in the home smoked.
To this Jared replied:

"Only me cause I'm so hot."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shout out Friday

Have you ever watched the machine that cleans & replaces bark at playgrounds?
Pretty cool. Little do the people in charge of these parks know the reason they need to replace bark.
It's because my kids bring home a little bit in their clothes every frickin time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Elliott Joy

Two weeks before Thanksgiving , I come down with a nasty cold/sore throat/strep thingy.
I'm stressing about the baby & how she's doing.
Then as that is going away, I get some asthma issues.
And early Thanksgiving morning, I start the vomiting. Every hour.
Great, I finally caught the flu that's been going around. No Thanksgiving dinner for me.
So I'm left home alone, calling Jared every once in awhile cause I'm lonely.
Finally get up around 6 pm & whine on FB about how lousy I'm doing
when I start feeling some something somethings.
Thinking it's my tummy & the wonderful things that come with the flu,
I call Jared & ask him to bring me some rolls.
6 minutes later I call him back & say it's not gas, I'm in labor.
By the time he comes, my contractions are 3-4 minutes apart.
We drive the 30 minute drive & get to the hospital about 7:45 ish.
The nurses kept asking me to do things like sign this, or pee in this cup, or get undressed.
I couldn't do any of these things since the contractions were so close.
One wonderful nurse named Elaina said, alright honey, let's just get you upstairs &
I'll call for an epidural. Once in bed waiting for drugs, I felt as if I needed to push.
The nurse wanted to check but I said no cause I knew they wouldn't
give me drugs too close to delivery. Epi came, life was semi great.
Elliott came with a few pushes about 45 minutes later.

Elliott Joy Hasleton 8 lb 1 oz 10:39 pm 11/25/2010 4 1/2 hrs of labor.
Proud Daddy.
Big sister who freaks every time Elles loses her BB.

So now I'm a Mom of 4. Crazy.
Jared already has 20 nick names for her. We've been calling her Elles.
She has already gotten a few people calling her a boy when they read the name.
So goes life, watch some Scrubs, it grows on you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween 2010

Shame on me. These are the only pics I took for Halloween.
Charly was a fairy, Grant & Nate were dollar store nights,
I wore a sign, & Jared wore his usual mullet wig.
Jared held her down & fed her skittles so I could do this. Pretty proud of my first attempt at hair fanciness.

We did a lot again this year. Normal Tick-O-Treating was slow & frustrating.
The kids just wouldn't move their little booties.
I kept telling them that the faster they walked, the more candy they would get.
Didn't work. We got to less houses this year than last year.

Like Father Like Son.......

This is a group photo taken when Jared took his CrossFit certification.
Do you see him in the back? Nice look on his face right?

Now take a look at the great face Grant is making in his class picture.

Oh my boys.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shout out Friday

Dear Sweat Pants. Oh how I love you so much. You're always there for me.
I'm sure you're aware of the argument my maternity pants & I had.
They just wouldn't agree with me. I didn't care if they didn't want to fit me,
but they wouldn't listen. But you, you are a great listener.
You don't care if I wear you all day. Run my errands with you.
Or the funny looks we get when picking up the kids in the after noon.
I know that you really belong to Jared, but I feel we have a bond you & I.
So thank you for all you do. I love you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shout out Friday

Why won't these baskets of clean laundry go away?
I mean, it's been like 2 weeks since they've been sitting there,
just staring at me when I'm trying to take a nap.
Go away already.

Been a bit

Jared celebrated his 30th this month!
I made him a cake, & let the kids frost it.
Below is how it turned out.
Then this is how it looked after Charly got into it.
Charly's favorite spot to hang out.
Where I found her today watching TV.
She got all her blankets from the crib & set up a cozy place for herself.
Me at 34 weeks. Getting a bit big.
Missing my feet every day.
Kirsti, my outfit made me think of you today....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some recent pics

Gotta love those Picture People coupons.
They can't stand me coming in with my coupons saying yes I already used it once,
but this is a differnt child.
They have to take it.
Nate's first day of Pre-school. He loves going & is bummed
when he doesn't get to go on Fridays.

Drea, ya know when you get here you're doing a photo shoot
of my family right?? Right, that's what I thought!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hasleton quote

We were watching a video "Finding Faith in Christ" on TV.
The part where Mary is dragged to be judged for adultery,
Nate asked why she was crying.

Me: She did a bad thing, & now people want to throw rocks at her to kill her.
Grant: I got hit by a rock once.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shout out Friday

You remember when you get so excited as your child learns to say mommy?
Then they're able to say it again & again?
How bout when you find yourself telling them to just "STOP"
If there was a baby olympics, screaming mommy mommy
mommy mommy mommy should be an event.
I bet my Charly would win a medal with how many times
she can say it within 30 seconds.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can't believe they just said that...

So a lady starts a conversation with me,

Lady: Are these all YOUR kids?
Me: Yup. Sure enough.
Lady: You know one of the reasons the environment is endangered is because of children right?
Me: Yup. Sure enough. (I know where this is going & start looking for a way out before I commit murder.)
Lady: The diapers fill up the land fills & all the gas from them is torturing our ozone layer. We're already overpopulated.

What can I do?

Everything that is not Christlike runs through my mind:

Don't you fart too?
Who will take care of you when you're old?
I'd like to put you in the land fill. That would help the population right?
Don't worry, I use clothe diapers (which I don't, too lazy)
Should I leave it up to the drug dealers & idiots to have all the kids?
Ok, you're right, I promise I won't have anymore. Thank you for fixing all that is wrong in my life.
Image in my mind of me punching her hard a couple times. hehehe

I walk away before anything comes out of my mouth.
I think I won't be going to the store anymore. All that ends up happening is me getting angry & barely escaping a fight.
I mentioned before the lady I almost beat with a rack of ribs right? She got off lucky. I only pushed her groceries.

Don't mess with me!

P.S. Even Jared has had people make this comment to him when they find out his wife is on their fourth child.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shout out Friday

No bad day that a batch of cookie dough can't fix.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Turned 5 in July.

Started soccer!

Picture people has a great online coupon, 6 sheets for $20.
First day to kindergarten! He's loving his class,
& does well in homework.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isn't she lovely?

I would like to introduce you all to Gertrude.
She's a beauty.
My last machine has not yet made it home from the doctors.
They say the outlook isn't so good. I had bought that machine for $140.
It will cost me at least $125 to have it fixed. I can't stand that kind of math.
It has been several times we have taken machines into the shop
only to pay them more than what we paid for the machine.
They say the machines I get aren't quite meant for all the work I put them through.
For the last year or so, Jared has said we will buy me a nice machine
so we don't have these issues anymore.
What's a nice machine you ask?
Bernina (drool) Pfaff Janome Baby Lock
These names make me dream. Dreams that cost well over $1000.
Or the quilting machines I play with every year at the State Fair.
$8000. That dream ain't ever coming true.
Unless of course we own a house, have 2 decent cars, my children's education,
missions, & weddings are paid for. Oh, & a nice retirement account.
Like I said nuh-ever.
So I was in Meissner's the other day (which I never do cause they're pricey)
looking for something specific.
I glanced super quick at the machines as I had 3 kids
that know how horribly boring fabric shopping is.
Dennis walks up to me & asks what I'm looking for.
"Oh just some fabric & to drool over your machines."
"What kind of sewing do you do?" he asks me.
"I like to quilt" I say
"Well here is the best machine for that" he says pointing to a GORGEOUS
machine that had a price tag of $2300.
I laugh at him & say, "that would be waaaaay out of my price range."
He gets a thoughtful look & says come follow me.
I protest saying I have 3 kids that will soon destroy his nice store
when he shows me HER.
"She was just brought in after 3 months of use. The owner was trying to make heavy bags with it & didn't work out for her.
She returned it for something different. Half price."
Wowser. I sat in front of her & started to play.
So did my kids but with different thousand dollar machines.
I tell Dennis I should go, but asked how long did he think it would take to sell her?
He looks at me, then at my kids & says, "I'll put it on hold for you."
I mention this story to Jared & he said go get it. What?
We can't afford that. It's $795.
Nope, go get it he says again. I'm not buying you another cheap piece of crap.
So I spend all evening thinking about it. Of course I want it.
But I'm usually pretty good at suppressing my wants.
All in all, I went back the next day with no kids, sat in front of Gertrude,
& played, discovered things that I never knew sewing machines could do.
Do you know what a knee lift is?
I now do. Super cool. Anyways, this is getting too long.
I have a year warranty of parts & labor & some free classes.
And an extra $800 on our credit card. I only feel a little bit guilty about that part.
Oh, & a husband I need to give some extra lovin to.

Here are her qualifications.

This is her first project I got to finish.
It was like spreading room temperature butter on tasty toast.
Now on to a few baby quilts & to start some Christmas presents.

Below is record of our garden at the end of it's season. It's been great.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shout out Friday

Shout out for the times you put your favorite toddler on your lap
only to realize that they've soaked through their diaper
& now your newly cleaned pants are wet.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

He doesn't work out here.

Our family is pretty religious. Well, we try hard to be good.
One of the commandments that we take very seriously
is to not use the Lord's name in vain.
It's usually hard to avoid hearing it all around you.
On the internet, TV shows, people around you etc.
I give my Dad a hard time when he does it by
saying things such as, "He's not here,"
"Please don't call on Him, I'm not ready for that yet," "That's not my name."
But this one had me crackin up for a few minutes.

It happened at Jared's work (he works at a gym & overheard this conversation)

Client: This is too hard.
Trainer: You can do it.
Client: Bleepity bleep bleep "uses His name in vain"
Trainer: He's not gonna help you, He doesn't work out here.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

With or without you!!

Recently, 2 of my SIL drove out from Minnesota & South Dakota husbandless
with their several children.
Inspiring to me. Jared has been crazy busy
with a chemistry summer class & work.
We had not been able to do much for vacation this summer.
So I pulled together my courage to do things my pregnant self & 3 kids.
As a side note, I do not do well driving long distances.
I fall asleep in car rides, you can see how me driving would not work.

I try my first go as a camping trip.
It was with my parents, not completely by myself,
but I did drive 4 hours. We went up to Sly Park.
It was gorgeous.

A good friend has a small cabin in South Lake Tahoe.
5 minute walk to the beach.
Jared was able to come up for one night,
but I did the drive myself! So proud.
There is a section of road where I swear cars fly right off the
edge to burst into flame 500 feet down.
Never to be discovered. I've always had a hard time
even when others drive it. But I did it.
The kids & I went to the beach for hours by ourselves.
This is a great feat for me for many reasons:
1. I hate taking my kids to the beach.
The sand gets everywhere, too much mess.
2. The sun & the smell of sunscreen.
3. The pictures of my children drowning the moment
I turn my eyes away from them.
4. The ducks that tried to eat us the second I ran out of grahm crackers to give them.
I had to swat them with a towel to get them to go away.

But I did it. It would have been better with Jared of course.
But now I feel a renewed sense of adventure.
Maybe next summer I'll take a drive out to South Dakota.
Just me & the kids.