Thursday, September 6, 2007

Horses All Around

We got to go to The Spencer Ranch in carmel this weekend for the holiday. Laurie and Perry let us invade their anne. celebration. It was so beautiful, and the weather was wonderful. We were able to ride the horses, use the hot tub, the BBQ, the tree house and play house, gator, the steaming showers, beaches and sunsets.

Here are some cute pics of us riding Murphy and a little bit of the backyard view.

The Silver Bullet

Nana with Nate outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and the "Silver Bullet" that we had the priveledge of sitting in!!!!

Sunset and Sleeping Boys

The sunset from the hills behind the ranch. You can go up on the "Gator" and run over lots of stuff. Ofcourse the boys got a little wild with it. Jared and Nate fall asleep on one of the comfy couches that looks old but isn't. The ambiance was unbelievable. Decorations and landscaping made you really feel that you were at a ranch in the 1920's. Except the fact for the awesome showers and the bedae (however that is spelled). You know, the toilet that washes off your bum!

The Ocean

Yeah!! My boys have finally been in the ocean! The current was strong, so I was really paranoid about them getting pulled under. But they're still alive. The beach was nice, and soooo close.

The third picture is the view from about half a mile behind the ranch. It was gorgeous.

Jared and Nate in the kitchen

Taking Aim

We had fun in the driveway of the Ranch with BB guns and bows and arrows. Joseph hit the target 6 times while Perry and Jared hit it almost every other time. I think I had beginner's luck cause I didn't do too bad either!!

Birthday Party

Majo made the cutest cupcakes with little duckies on them. Grant kept dipping the duck back in the frosting and licking the duck again and again. I think the paint on the duck started to fade.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby Richard Spencer's Birthday

He made it to a year!!! Everyone was so excited that Richard has grown to 1 year old. The doctor said if he made it this far, he has a great chance of having a normal life!
We went to his birthday party which was soo much fun. Great food and great to see family members there.

State Fair

We went to the state fair and had a lot of fun. Grant got to ride on the ponies, in the bumper cars, ferris wheel and moo at the cows. Unfortunately, Nathan just got to sit in the stroller the whole time.