Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our New Home

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Holly, announced she was moving super far away to El Dorado hills. 
She is one of my favorite people to see at church, the anchor at our book club, & one of my greatest friends. 
But wait, she said I could live at her house. 
Um, I was totally torn between hatching a plan to kidnap her & keep her in my house. Nobody would ever find out. 
Or, supporting her so I can live lavishly in her awesome home. Hmm........... 

So you know I chose to support her. Also because she had a new born baby, 2 other children & a husband that would notice her missing. So we packed & moved out. A little suddenly I might add. But thanks to some other awesome friends, it went very smoothly!

 Charly on the first night. She was loving it!

 Everyone running in all the new space!

 Me at the end of the day. Totally wiped out. 
And with so much more work to do!

Thanks to Jimmy for letting us use his tow truck.
 That's most of our stuff right there!!

I've enjoyed decorating a bit. 
Although I realize I really don't know what I'm doing. 
This is a wonky wall in the master bedroom. 

 My new kitchen that excites me so much that I have done some embarrassing jigs in it. 

The little nook that our table fits into. Nice & snug. 

 Ahem. One of my favorite things. The pantry. 
No more food on a terrible book shelf, or stored in the garage. 
The kids also love to hide in there. 

 My second favorite thing(s). My house warming gifts. I got to unpack all my books & put them on my nice, new shelves. 
They look great. Thanks to Melissa for putting them together. 

 Two views the middle room. I don't know what you call it. 
But the kids love to run around, dance, play & build in the open space it provides. 

What I get to see from the kitchen sink! 
I love having a window in the kitchen. 

 Back yard & inside the gazebo. 
I can't even tell you what all the fruit trees are. I know there are lemons, oranges, cherries, pears, apricots, purple plums, nectarines, pomegranates, apples & a few others. But they almost all look the same to me. 
I'll figure it out when they ripen this summer. 

The green house. It's fantastic. My seeds sprout in there better than ever! Also, I love having a spot for the lawn mower. A shot of the garden side of the house. Holly was huge on gardening. I get to reap her rewards. (i.e. look at those berry bushes)
We started planting before we even moved in. 

 Cherry tree & other side of the house. 

And my third favorite thing. (yes you can judge me for how lame I am) 
A hanging fruit basket! We eat so much produce, having it all around on the counter has always bothered me. 
But now it can hang around. It's not even a tacky 70's one. Black & modern. 

Sweet Elles. Enjoying her new spot to eat.

I'm so grateful to be in a quiet area. No drug dealers (that I know about), on a court so the kids can play outside, fruit trees, an extra room for crap, a real size garage, a hot tub, great garden area, windows everywhere so it doesn't seem we like live in a cave,  & I get to live in the essence of my good friend Holly.

Feel free to come visit me. I'd love to show off my newest blessing!