Saturday, May 29, 2010

King Skate

Grant received an invitation to a birthday party held at King Skate.
I was super excited cause I hadn't been there in a decade or so.
Well, it hasn't changed a bit. They even play the same music.
That place is so old, but still crackin.

Grant & Nate with some of his classmates.

Grant did not like skating so much.
Ask him how it was & he says, "It didn't go so well."

Nate was doing lots of flips & shaking his skates everywhere.
Almost took out a couple of bigger kids.
This is what they spent most of their time doing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shout out Friday

Shout out to Wal Mart.
You are the only place I've ever had a line get longer in FRONT of me.
Thank you for the years of frustrating experiences & arguments.
It seems you have a new one for me every time.

Darn your great prices.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shout out Friday

This post is in no way meant to be bitter.

Mothers, holidays & gifts.

Yesterday I went to Wal Mart to pick out my birthday present.
I gave them to Jared to wrap with the boys.
How many times have we done this?
I've picked up my own Christmas, Mother's day, & bday gifts forever.
Valentines Jared knows I want See's.
I'm sure it all started with the first month we were married.
Jared bought me a super nice bangle bracelet.
He didn't know my hands & wrists
are too small for a bangle.
I think that traumatized him from ever buying me presents.
Ever since then, I get my own.
Or how about the gifts we get that are for the family.
I got car mats for Christmas.
Sippy cups or vacuum cleaner for a birthday.
New tires for a Mother's day. Etc.

I think the best part is when I ask Grant to wrap my present,
he says I have to leave the room so I don't know what it is.

Here's to Moms being happy enough to not care.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That black & white girl pair

No, I'm not racist. They said I should use that title.

So I'm lying in bed, kids are watching a movie, the doorbell rings.
I get up, look out the window, nothing.
I then look down to see if someone left something.
I looked again to make sure.

So many things ran through my mind.
A split second thought was Woo Hoo!
Someone gave me their baby!! Don't judge me.
Then all the stories of guys leaving recordings of a baby cry
to lure out women to attack them.
I ran throughout the house locking everything, calling my in laws
to see if they were home to come over just in case.
I looked again, the baby wasn't moving, I couldn't tell if it was real.
So I did it. I called 911. You know what they said?
"All circuits are currently busy, please call back later."
Isn't that comforting. Good thing though,
cause then I saw her come & pick up the "baby." You stinker, you know who you are.
I run outside, crying at this point, & they're leaving.
They weren't sure if I was home so had come back to get the "baby."

After a few minutes, I was able to calm down.
Telling the girls they had freaked me out.
I had been about to lock my kids in the bathroom with water cups & a box of fishies.
All in all, it was just a prank.
Good thing 911 didn't answer so the girls didn't get in any trouble.
That thing looked so real through my window.
In all seriousness, if someone wants to give me their baby,
just give me a heads up first.

You silly, silly girls.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye 1st Trimester...Hello Spring Garden!

Yes, I realize this is a horrible picture, but that's alright with me cause
I hadn't done anything but get up & work in the yard for awhile.
I looked like trash, so blurry is all good with me.
Today marks 12 weeks.
Hopefully just a couple more of feeling poopy, then I'll be good.

We harvested our garlic. They didn't grow as well as I'd like,
but these suckers are potent.
Our strawberries did great surviving through the winter.
Our one original plant has more than doubled. Lots of berries coming in.
I think I killed the equivalent of China in rollie pollies.
I used to have so much fun with those,
but they's gotz to go from the garden.
The kids score from a tired Mommy at Target.
I give these 2 weeks before they're broken or lost.
We had fun weeding winter's weeds, planting our seeds, blowing bubbles,
& squirting each other with our squirters.
Come on summer, we're ready for you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh Baby....

Dear baby,

Oh what you've done to me. Because of you I haven't left my bed in 5 days.
I haven't showered in 4.....ew, gross.
Because of you I've let other people take my kids wherever they want
& not had even one image of them all dying or being kidnapped.
Your older siblings have been living off cheez-its & fruit snacks
because that's what Grant can open.
They don't even ask me to get out of bed
any more cause they know it's useless.
Because of you I now have a record of not checking my email
for more than 3 days. I don't remember the last time I brushed my hair,
washed my face or brushed my teeth. When did I last change my undies?
I have no idea. I'm sure today is Sunday since I heard Hymns
playing from the office & I think Nate was wearing a vest.
Oh baby, what you've done to me.
Because of you I have chosen to put my body through this.
Because of you I am willing to put myself through this hell like week
& not know when it will end.
Because of you, I get excited to think of the time I will get to meet you face to face
& the pain & misery seems less. I am blessed to have the privilege to sacrifice my body,
my sanity (whatever is left of that), my time & well being.
Because of you & however many others there may be,
I am happy to do my time if it means you get to come be a part of my eternal family.
If it means you get to be mine forever, I will do this as long as needs be.
Because of you.