Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Nickel

Look at those little bones. Aren't they the cutest?
The doctor was impressed that out of 4 kids,
this is our first "swallow foreign item" incident.
First that we know of anyway.
It should pass, but I can't say
that I've been having fun inspecting the diapers.

Charles Turns 3!!

We threw Charly her first bday party princess style.
There is no other style for this girl.
I always said my girls would be tom boys.
But I guess they come pre programmed.
This one is 100 percent girl, drama included.

Balloons & bubbles did most of the entertainment.

Injury tantrum was not a disappointment.

Even Elles liked the outfits.

Decorating animal shaped sugar cookies.
The animals were all the princess' friends.

Playing dress up.

I can't believe you're 3. It seems you're more like 14.
You love princess movies, toys, dolls, dress up.
Getting you to say please has been a torturous battle
these last few months. But then you're sweet as pie
when you really want something.
You play well with your siblings
& throw great public tantrums for all to see.

Everyone tells you how beautiful you are,
I think it's getting to your head.
But you're our sweet heart.
Happy Birthday my love.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nate Birthday Party

Nate's 5th birthday party was so much fun!!!
We had delicious cake that turned everyone's mouths blue.
(Um, & turned their BM green. TMI I know)

We had the biggest Pinata I've ever seen. Thanks to Jimmy & Rene.
Every kid got a shot, then Jared pulverized it.

The war was the best!
Everyone had a gun, bullets, eye protection & fear of being shot at!

There were sand bag walls to hide behind.

Adult men to run from. I think some of them had more fun than the kids.

Pink goggles for the girls. Thanks to Nana.

Awesome hiding spaces.

Bows & arrows.

Balloons for Elles to play with. But for others to pop.

More hiding spots.

Lots of smiles.

And lots of rope climbing. The kids loved climbing up & swinging.

Unfortunately, I was coerced into buying Cheetos, my nemesis.
But the birthday boy insisted.
But they did keep others occupied for several moments.

Happy Birthday Nate. I hope you enjoyed yourself.
I'm glad your father has an awesome gym to do these kind of things in.

Nate's favorite things about this day was the Pinata, his friends, & all the guns.