Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Sabbath!!

Bacon & fresh strawberries from the garden. Delicious!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Featuring my new countertops!!

I have been suffering with the grossest kitchen these last 5 years.
Nasty grout I've tried re-coloring, chipped tile, missing tile.
No matter how hard I scrubbed, it never looked clean.
The sink, well it was so bad I can't really describe it.
And the growth on the faucet had become permanent.

But now I have a gorgeous sink & faucet!

And pretty countertops that look clean even when I don't wipe them down!!

I love cleaning the kitchen now. We'll see how long that lasts......

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My attempt at Easter pictures

Basic fun on Easter.
Dress up, find eggs filled with candy.
Delicious dinner.
Good family times.

Do you like my compost bin in the background??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first week on Paleo

So Jared started a Paleo Challenge at his gym.
The freaking day after Easter.
The challenge is to eat Paleo for 7 weeks, who ever loses the most
weight & inches receives gift cards to Oz Korean BBQ & free months to the gym.
I told him I would try it.
Although I've been ragging on the (diet) lifestyle the last couple years.

Paleo is the eating style that CrossFitters like to follow.
It allows you to lose the fat, but gives you the protein
you need to be fit & build some muscle.
Not bulking up ladies, just some pretty muscles.
Which I have if you ever want to check me out;)

So last Monday, I started. And I immediately felt good.
I now understood what Jared means by "eating clean." I felt clean.
The water weight fell right off. Water weight isn't that great for you.
I've always had hereditary bad blood circulation.
Water weight puts pressure on my vessels & organs.
Get rid of it for better circulation.
Retaining water has never been fun right ladies?

I've had more energy, slept better, skin looked better,
I've been happier, less cranky, etc. But even more importantly,
I've lost 7 pounds in 8 days. And can fit into all my skinny jeans.
Cuh-razy & totally worth it.
Has it been hard? Heck yes.
All I've wanted this week was to eat a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerio's.
But no grains for me.

It's been easy to say no to treats, for the first time ever.
I've tried to cut out all sugar before, with no luck.
I just get withdrawals & feel like crud.
The no sugar/candy goal would only last 1 or 2 days.
But when I'm eating "clean" I don't feel this way.
Jared also told me a secret. I could stuff my self with eggs, sausage,
& veggies for breakfast, but I wouldn't feel satisfied.
I would still be hungry, or so I thought.
My insulin level is used to being at a certain level,
& now I'm not "feeding" that level.
So when I'm feeling hungry although I've just eaten, eat some fruit.
The sugar from the fruit helps your insulin boost
to tell your body you're done.
Voila, you're satisfied.

Have I cheated at all? Yup, then felt like crap right away.
I had a Henry Weinhard's root beer one night,
a piece of licorice another day.
I immediately felt like poop b/c my insulin would spike
when I'm not used to it doing that.
Your energy level goes "down down down, in history of course."
So that's another way it's easier to follow this diet
b/c you know if you cheat, you won't feel good.

After 2 weeks of eating this way,
I can start eating more grains & such w/o the poopy feeling after wards.
I'm hooked. I haven't eaten any Easter candy, breads, pasta,
or my absolute favorite-potatoes. Don't get me wrong.
I know grains are essential, that too much red meat isn't healthy, etc.
But this is really good for you. If you can starve yourself on the HCG diet,
you can do this. The hardest part is trying to find things to eat.
But my favorite has been getting yummy lunch meat, slicing pickle,
red onion, bell peppers, with some mustard, then rolling it up.
Like a sandwich but no bread. It's delicious.
Another great find are Blue Diamond flavored almonds.
Pricey at WalMart, but so good. Helps my snacking phases during the day.
Keep lots of veggies around. Eat small meals all day.

If you decide to do this, don't get all nit picky.
Just do your best. Email Jared if you have questions.
I highly recommend trying it.
Even if it takes you 2 years of insulting the idea first.