Monday, November 29, 2010

Elliott Joy

Two weeks before Thanksgiving , I come down with a nasty cold/sore throat/strep thingy.
I'm stressing about the baby & how she's doing.
Then as that is going away, I get some asthma issues.
And early Thanksgiving morning, I start the vomiting. Every hour.
Great, I finally caught the flu that's been going around. No Thanksgiving dinner for me.
So I'm left home alone, calling Jared every once in awhile cause I'm lonely.
Finally get up around 6 pm & whine on FB about how lousy I'm doing
when I start feeling some something somethings.
Thinking it's my tummy & the wonderful things that come with the flu,
I call Jared & ask him to bring me some rolls.
6 minutes later I call him back & say it's not gas, I'm in labor.
By the time he comes, my contractions are 3-4 minutes apart.
We drive the 30 minute drive & get to the hospital about 7:45 ish.
The nurses kept asking me to do things like sign this, or pee in this cup, or get undressed.
I couldn't do any of these things since the contractions were so close.
One wonderful nurse named Elaina said, alright honey, let's just get you upstairs &
I'll call for an epidural. Once in bed waiting for drugs, I felt as if I needed to push.
The nurse wanted to check but I said no cause I knew they wouldn't
give me drugs too close to delivery. Epi came, life was semi great.
Elliott came with a few pushes about 45 minutes later.

Elliott Joy Hasleton 8 lb 1 oz 10:39 pm 11/25/2010 4 1/2 hrs of labor.
Proud Daddy.
Big sister who freaks every time Elles loses her BB.

So now I'm a Mom of 4. Crazy.
Jared already has 20 nick names for her. We've been calling her Elles.
She has already gotten a few people calling her a boy when they read the name.
So goes life, watch some Scrubs, it grows on you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween 2010

Shame on me. These are the only pics I took for Halloween.
Charly was a fairy, Grant & Nate were dollar store nights,
I wore a sign, & Jared wore his usual mullet wig.
Jared held her down & fed her skittles so I could do this. Pretty proud of my first attempt at hair fanciness.

We did a lot again this year. Normal Tick-O-Treating was slow & frustrating.
The kids just wouldn't move their little booties.
I kept telling them that the faster they walked, the more candy they would get.
Didn't work. We got to less houses this year than last year.

Like Father Like Son.......

This is a group photo taken when Jared took his CrossFit certification.
Do you see him in the back? Nice look on his face right?

Now take a look at the great face Grant is making in his class picture.

Oh my boys.