Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year Elle is a Sunbeam

First Sunday of the New Year.

Elliott is a brand new sunbeam!!!

Very excited as you can see.

Nate Turns 7!!

Nate has finally had his 7th birthday! 
He has been waiting an awful long time for it. 

 He received a DS (another story behind this) and a game. 

He loves it. 

He wanted a Pokemom cake. 
I can't do fancy cakes. Period. 
But was able to do a Pokeball. 
He liked it. That's all that counts. 

Some things about Nate at this age:
He loves to be active. Sports, bounce house, 
running, scooters, bikes, karate.
 He is a very social person. 
Won't take 1 minute for him to make a friend on a playground 
and they're off running and screaming together. 
He has been improving his reading skills 
and therefore picking up the Barlow reading habit. 
He can build anything from LEGOS.
Or make anything into an awesome weapon of some sort.  
Even though his favorite things to read are comics, he's reading and loving it. 
Here's to another great year!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


The kids have been starting to enjoy holding her. 

And she absolutely loves bath time. 

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!

Due to some unfortunate circumstances this year, t
here was no nativity pageant on Christmas Eve 
but we did do some gingerbread houses. 
Which were very difficult to stay together 
so out came the hot glue gun & voila! 
They didn't budge. 
The boys made theirs into tanks and forts with missile launchers. 
Girls used all the pink & purple they could find. 

On Christmas Eve. 
I thought it was impossible to get everyone to look 
at the camera at the same time. 

Christmas morning before the minions attacked. 

Grandma & Grandpa with baby's first Christmas!!

Littlest Pet Shop.

Some scooters. 

Daddy got a new shotgun. 


 Hello Kitty was EVERYWHERE!!!!

The only picture of me.....

The aftermath. 

It's all over. 
Here's to another year for planning, 
making treats, Grandma spoiling everyone,
trying to save money, 
and to making it the best year EVER!!

Cute pics

This is a quilt I made for one of Jared's clients. 
Made to look like the beach. 

This one was for Laurie at Christmas. 
LOVE love LOVE the fabrics. 

And Britton eating her first foods. 
5 months I think. 

And her being super cute. 

Thankful Tree 2013


So I didn't take a picture 
of our thankful tree this year. 
Although it was up till mid January. 
But here are the things our family 
is thankful for in the 2013 year. 


Jared- CFE, my wonderful Ellie Bellies, my Priesthood, my crown jewel Britton, my sweet Charly, my Grantman, EQ, my sweet little ones, Great Nate, running red car that will never die, having no job but working a lot, MY WONDERFUL WIFE.

Jennifer- My boys (Jared, Grant, Nate), my workout clothes, parents living close by, Gertrude, my garden space, the gospel, my awesome kitchen, quilting skills, living on a court, Daddy wearing real clothes, exercise, my girls Charly - Elle - Bret, blankets to cuddle with, fruit trees.

Grant- my new bow and arrow, cookies, BOOKS, video games, my toys, ME, Wolf Cub Scouts, Mario Bros. Wii, our house, money, our clothes, T.V., G, UM, great food, T.V..

Nathan- moovees, our house, bugs, trees, my Kendama, cub scouts, the oceans, my brother, my haws, Karate, this world, water & air, cats, the 7 seas, my mom & dad, food, colors, my family, our cars.

Charlotte- scribble, scribble, scribble, M & M's, I love my family, fruit snacks, dresses, cats & dogs, Disney princesses, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, princess on ice, beautiful & pretty things, cupcakes, cakes, lollipops, Halloween candy, my brothers & sisters, horses - unicorns - birds, I love my family - flowers - Jesus Christ, the Temple, deer, ladybugs & butterflies. 

Elliott- Nana, gymnastics, Jesus Christ, scribble, shoes, my pink blanket, my toys, fruit snacks, ladybugs.

Bret is just thankful for mom's boobs, naps and cuddle time. At least that's my translation of what I think she likes.   

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elle turns 3!!

My sweet Bellissimo turned 3!
We had a tiny birthday party with a borrowed bounce house 
& a princess cake. 

Elle loves to be loud, make any kind of noise, 
answers with "SORRY!!" every time you call her name, 
calls herself a minion, plans on marrying Nate, 
and sings the "Trick or Treat" song whenever she gets the chance. 
Beware, she might steal all your underwear. 

 She would rather be 2 b/c holding up 3 fingers while trying to keep your pinky down is a bit challenging. 

Here's to the last day of a 0 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 group of kiddos.