Friday, January 31, 2014

Nate Turns 7!!

Nate has finally had his 7th birthday! 
He has been waiting an awful long time for it. 

 He received a DS (another story behind this) and a game. 

He loves it. 

He wanted a Pokemom cake. 
I can't do fancy cakes. Period. 
But was able to do a Pokeball. 
He liked it. That's all that counts. 

Some things about Nate at this age:
He loves to be active. Sports, bounce house, 
running, scooters, bikes, karate.
 He is a very social person. 
Won't take 1 minute for him to make a friend on a playground 
and they're off running and screaming together. 
He has been improving his reading skills 
and therefore picking up the Barlow reading habit. 
He can build anything from LEGOS.
Or make anything into an awesome weapon of some sort.  
Even though his favorite things to read are comics, he's reading and loving it. 
Here's to another great year!!

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