Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karate Kids

Owning a gym has had some advantages.
When the owners of a Karate studio walk in willing to trade services.
I actually jumped up & down at the opportunity for the boys to be in martial arts.
I've always wanted it for them, but it's too pricey for 2 kids.
I knew how much they would love it. I knew they would learn a lot.
Not to mention how good it is for my sweet/ ferocious Great Nate.
Plus it's only 30 minutes long, 3 times a week. Suck on that soccer!!

They've recently earned their second stripe on their belts.
All they can talk about is how it takes years of hard work to be a black belt.
Listening to them talk about how excited they are about working hard is music to my ears.
It also provides a great threat when they're being naughty
(I know right? My kids are NEV-ER naughty).
I just say we won't go to Karate. They shape up real fast.