Friday, December 17, 2010

Shout out Friday

The longer & longer my hair grows out,
the more & more dangerous it becomes for my vacuum cleaner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jared has done it!!!! (this is where I brag about my hubby)

As many of you know, Jared has become a personal trainer over the last 2 years. He has certified with the premiere organization in fitness research. Is also certified as a personal trainer in 2 other divisions, and as he's continuing his education in Kinesiology to be a physical therapist, he has become obsessed with something called CrossFit. What is CrossFit you ask? It is a method of kick a** exercise. That's all I can really say without you seeing it for yourself.

So with a partner named Matt, Jared has opened a CrossFit gym. It's located 7917 Fruitridge road suite E. Right across from the old Squeeze Inn, down the street from the new one. It's been A LOT of work & time. And it's finally done. No more personal training in our garage, I can now have my garage back, yipee!!

Below are some guys Jared is torturing during a workout.

Charlotte helping Bumpa put up the pull ups bar station.
Grant & Nate helping with the ropes.
Some equipment used for work outs.
More pics of the pull up station.
Matt & Heather.
Some details about this business are:

It is called CrossFit Envy, check out this link to view the website. It is not like a normal gym where you go & do a work out by yourself. There are set times for certain classes for set workouts. It's personal training every time you go.
Prices are as follows: 2 classes a week $140 a month
3 classes a week $160 a month
unlimited $180 a month
One hour with Jared to yourself $55. Your body after one month,
you get the idea.
Seems a bit steep, but after you go once, you'll get it.
Work outs can include pull ups, burpees, squats, wall balls,
power cleans, push jerks, dead lifts, push press, runs,
rows, crying, hurting, etc.

To all our friends, come by & take a free class to check it out.

Congrats to Jared & Matt. They totally deserve this!!
Check them out on FB.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need Your Opinion

So I made this quilt for a Christmas gift.
I was going for funky, but not so sure about how it turned out.
Since I've been feeling a little sensitive lately, could you give me your opinion?
If you don't like it, could you be nice? Just need some reassurance.

Hasleton quote

While in the doctor's office, we were asked if anyone in the home smoked.
To this Jared replied:

"Only me cause I'm so hot."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shout out Friday

Have you ever watched the machine that cleans & replaces bark at playgrounds?
Pretty cool. Little do the people in charge of these parks know the reason they need to replace bark.
It's because my kids bring home a little bit in their clothes every frickin time.