Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blankies blankies blankies

I've been working on some blankets for our
Baby Bundle project coming up in April.
It's been fun to dig out what I've got.
The picture below is me attempting to purge my fabric collection.
This was before Joann had a great sale on Snuggle Flannel.
I was a little dishonest. I would get fabric that had hardly any on the board.
Ask for a tiny bit, then get the remnant for an extra %50 off.
Sneaky Sneaky.
It's for a good cause! Come on guys, dig through your stuff to donate!
Thanks to my Book Group friends that helped me to bind these.

This is for a friend having her first girl!
I'm shipping it out today. It's going a few states away.
It's a good thing I'm not allowed to make anymore blankets for my kids.
This is a hard one to give up.
I got a little carried away with the green,
but it's super cute if I say so myself!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shout out Friday

I think I need to invest in a few of these boxes.
My home has a special "stripe" throughout
that needs a good erasing.
Does your home have one?
You know, the one that's about 2-3 feet tall
& wraps around every wall space possible?
It usually contains lots of cute handprints,
unique drawings & dirt smudges.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On being a Daddy

Grant & Nate's list of what they get to do when they are big & a Daddy:

1. Buy all the gum they want.
2. Get a dog.
3. Say the word "stupid" when angry, frustrated, or while driving.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shout Out Friday

5 Gazillion dollars to the person who invents the machine
that puts kid's shoes on quickly.
Maybe it can also find the shoes??

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's up?

Binkie anyone??
Looking for a binkie so I pulled out the crib.
6 is maybe a record.
This is my belated Valentine's Day picture.
The boys & Jared made me a bouquet of flowers.
They listed of sentences of love such as; want to play with me?,
happy holidays, happy Valentine's day, I love when you read books,
you're a great mommy, I love you, I love Mom,
I love when you play with me, you make me smile, UR perfect 4 me,
UR the best, my love, I love to see you, I'll give you hugs all the time,
I love your hugs. The biggest one read:
To my love, From Daddy Grant Nate Charly
We love you this much (how do you do the infinite symbol??) & beyond!
I love you guys too!
This bad boy is the new love of my life!!
I've had no washer for a few months. Got used to using my Mom's instead.
My schedule would go like this: Drop in load of laundry at my Mom's,
go to store, change over laundry, start another load, pick up Grant,
change over again, start another, go home to put one load in my dryer
& drop off groceries, go run another errand, go pick up laundry.
This was about twice a week.
I had one potty training & another makes messes like crazy.
Lots of laundry. Sigh.
So either my Mom ree-aallly loves me, or she was tired of me using her washer.
I like to think cause she loves me,
she ordered me a new boyfriend, wait, I mean washer.
I do spend so much time with it. I have kissed it a couple of times.
It's so nice to do laundry when I want.
To instantly put wet/dirty clothes inside instead of the tub.
OooohhhH how I love laundry! Seriously, I know some of you can't stand it.
But as Sarah on ThirftyDecorChick would say, I LURVE IT!!
I made this skirt for a friend. Charly was my model.
These things are fun. Making more! Can't wait till she gets bigger.
I'm gonna dress her up all the time!
Jared is almost down to his weight from before I married him.
He came home from his mission a scrawny person.
Did you know that from the time we got married
to the time we had our reception (about 2 weeks) he couldn't fit into his suit?
He blames it on me. I blame it on the blender.
I had never had one before! No one ever told me how good Oreo shakes were!
Or how many combinations you can make with ice cream.
Cookie dough, not a problem. If it wasn't good enough, I added sugar.
Let's just say I learned my lesson.
But look at those calfs/calves?!!!
Being a personal trainer has really been working out for me!
Sexy my love......

Shout out Friday

Hey all!
Who likes to leave dinner's pasta or rice
on the floor to dry overnight?
It's so much easier to clean up when it's not wet!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hasleton pics & quote

Our photo shoot a few weeks ago.
I'm sure The Picture People don't like us.
We come in, take a lot of time, cause a bunch of fuss.
Then end up using the coupon for a free print + another for 1/2 off.
My motto is to go in every time I get a coupon, get someone's pic taken.
It's a hassle, but free.

I had a hard time. They say a lot of Mommies
have to leave cause they get angry their kids aren't listening.
Why can't they all just sit, smile & look at the camera?
Jared says I have to post this as a quote.
I was asking why the boys weren't doing what they should.
I had to keep chasing after Charly.
I was so frustrated & I said, "come guys! I did my hair for this!"
At least the photographer laughed at that.
We did get a good picture.

A story from the car:
Grant & Nate were arguing in the back. I told Grant to ignore Nate.
Grant: I am ignoring him. He keeps on talking.
Mom: Then don't listen to him.
Grant: I have to listen to him Mu-OM. I have ears. Nathan, I wish I didn't have any ears so I don't have to listen to you.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shout out Friday

All you Mommas who have bulk Huggie diaper boxes filled
with kid's clothes too small or too big.
My count is up to 17. Can you say, "I need an attic?"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Her favorite hobby

Charlotte's favorite thing to do is make a mess.
I know I know. All kids like to do this.
But she thoroughly enjoys it.
After she spreads everything out, she'll assess the situation,
& then push things farther out till she's satisfied it messy enough.
Here she is crying because either a) she's run out of Ziploc bags to take out.
Or b) she can't find her BB in the mess under all the bags.
After I picked up all the bags & cleaned the kitchen,
it only took her another few minutes to redistribute them all over again.
The picture below is a whole different mess.
By the way. Who ever donated all their
Sandra Boynton & Eric Carle board books to DI. Thank you.
I very much enjoyed buying them all for 50 cents each rather than $7 each.