Monday, October 29, 2007

Leaves & Halloween pic

This was our wards trunk or treat. We will be going to 3 altogether. Not cause we want a lot of candy, but to see everyone. Jared of course has his mullet, I broke free from something, Nathan a pumpkin, Grant was a tiny ninja(only cause it was the cheapest!!!). It was fun.
This pile of leaves was from just one day in our front yard. Grant and Elliott helped me unrake them several times.

My bootiful boys

They are still growing, now Nathan pushes around our dining chairs. Which was really cute at first, but now the noise just hurts our ears. When the noise stops, and Nathan starts whining a few seconds later, it's cause he's stuck underneath the chair.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Horses All Around

We got to go to The Spencer Ranch in carmel this weekend for the holiday. Laurie and Perry let us invade their anne. celebration. It was so beautiful, and the weather was wonderful. We were able to ride the horses, use the hot tub, the BBQ, the tree house and play house, gator, the steaming showers, beaches and sunsets.

Here are some cute pics of us riding Murphy and a little bit of the backyard view.

The Silver Bullet

Nana with Nate outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and the "Silver Bullet" that we had the priveledge of sitting in!!!!

Sunset and Sleeping Boys

The sunset from the hills behind the ranch. You can go up on the "Gator" and run over lots of stuff. Ofcourse the boys got a little wild with it. Jared and Nate fall asleep on one of the comfy couches that looks old but isn't. The ambiance was unbelievable. Decorations and landscaping made you really feel that you were at a ranch in the 1920's. Except the fact for the awesome showers and the bedae (however that is spelled). You know, the toilet that washes off your bum!

The Ocean

Yeah!! My boys have finally been in the ocean! The current was strong, so I was really paranoid about them getting pulled under. But they're still alive. The beach was nice, and soooo close.

The third picture is the view from about half a mile behind the ranch. It was gorgeous.

Jared and Nate in the kitchen

Taking Aim

We had fun in the driveway of the Ranch with BB guns and bows and arrows. Joseph hit the target 6 times while Perry and Jared hit it almost every other time. I think I had beginner's luck cause I didn't do too bad either!!

Birthday Party

Majo made the cutest cupcakes with little duckies on them. Grant kept dipping the duck back in the frosting and licking the duck again and again. I think the paint on the duck started to fade.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby Richard Spencer's Birthday

He made it to a year!!! Everyone was so excited that Richard has grown to 1 year old. The doctor said if he made it this far, he has a great chance of having a normal life!
We went to his birthday party which was soo much fun. Great food and great to see family members there.

State Fair

We went to the state fair and had a lot of fun. Grant got to ride on the ponies, in the bumper cars, ferris wheel and moo at the cows. Unfortunately, Nathan just got to sit in the stroller the whole time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another binkie baby picture

I don't know how I get them to fall asleep together this close. Although they are now sleeping in the same room at night! Grant has now learned to ignore Nathan when woken up at night.
But when Grant does wake up at Nathan's cries, he turns on the bedroom light, climbs onto the crib and starts yelling "MOM" "DANY" and wakes up everyone. And no, I didn't spell that wrong, Grant can't say daddy.

More of naked Nate

He still cries A LOT, but sure is getting cuter. Definately a Barlow.

Boys on the ground

These boys are too cute. This pic was taken when Grant had a mowhawk. Yes, I let Jared talk me into it. It actually didn't look too bad.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sleeping Nate

We finally found a double strooler that wasn't $250!! Now we get to take walks in mornings before it gets too hot, and the boys get to be outside. Nathan is getting soooo big. You can't tell here, but he finally starting to grow some hair on his head and the bald spot is fillingin. YEAH!!!!!

The birthday boys

Here are the birthday boys!!! Grant was 2 on the 29th, Charley on the 3rd. Grant actually went down the slide twice!! But the second time, Jared went with going head first. I think Grant almost touched the bottom. But it was cute!! All of the children were able to get a chance to hit the pinata.
Grant did not take home much
candy.I nstead of putting it in his
bag, he was too busy
ating it off of the ground!!

The PJ Hasleton family

Aren't these kids so cute!!! They all set a great example to everyone else this weekend. Thanks for coming down!!! Or is it up? I don't know.

Friends and family

We had Grant's birthday party this weekend. It was at the Hasleton's backyard. People went swimming, ate yummy BBQ, & just lounged around. It was a double two year old party, we split it with Charley Morris and it was a blast!!!

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, but you have to write comments!!! Especially if you live far away and we never get to talk.

Grant turns two!!!!!!!!

This was taken on the day grant turned two. i can't believe he is a real toddler. but he acts like it all the time.

Your story: It was 2 weeks past your due date. Finally the day came to be induced, hooray! So we call the hospital around 5 am, they say to come on in. We drive up to Morse but the paperwork takes a couple of hours. The upside is that we get an ABC room. That means the labor, delivery, & recovery is all in the same room that I don't have to share!

Finally the pit comes, labor hits hard & the epidural comes. People come to visit. Nana, Grandma & Grandpa, & Drea. Late at night, they say I can start pushing. But the warm fuzziness starts wearing off as I'm feeling the contractions & you on the way out. The epidural ends up wearing off half way through the pushing. When you come, I feel EVERYTHING. But you are healthy, a little blue as they had to work on you a bit. All in all, not a bad experience. 

We're glad you've come to our family. Happy Second Grant!

Friday, July 20, 2007


The boys & a swimming family picture.

Here is my naked Nathan!!

Bed babies

My babies on the bed. This is where we spend a lot of our time. While they play, I get to sleep!!!

4th of july

My little baby is getting so big!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Grant 4th of July

This was taken july 4th at the pancake breakfast. Thanks for the hats Pili, Grant loves them and looks sooooo cute.