Thursday, October 22, 2009

I got my baby back baby back baby back baby back

Our cam-er-a has arrived from the doctor.
Might I just say that I will NEVER EVER take this thing for granted again.
No never.
The other cameras I purchased for a cheap price were bootsie (to say the least).
I'm glad Jared picked out such a nice camera back in the day we could afford it.
Although it was a few pretty pennies to get the thing fixed.

The first picture taken with the new lens/aperture & dent taken out?
The gorgeous Charlotte who has found the toilet paper annoyingly rolled up.
To fix it, she must first unroll, then drag throughout the house.
Now isn't that some good quality picture taking?

My apologies to Target.
Thanks for letting me return all the other cameras :p

Who wants to help me make one of these??

Homemade by Jill is AWESOME!! But darn her,
I can never finish what I've got on my plate before she has something else I want to do.
I think it's like a drug addiction.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Quick Blanket & Congrats to Crista

Talking to my Mom last week, she says a co-worker's last day
before maternity leave is the next day. Really?
I had wanted to make this gal a baby gift & where did the time go?
Mom doesn't live close to work, neither does the preggers.
I told my Mom we could make a baby quilt in no time flat for her last day of work.
So we run over to Joann & grab some fabric.
Well, I was up after midnight finishing that thing.
Next time, I'll know it takes at least 4 hours to do a quilt,
more time if I want to be creative & not to cheat on the binding.
A couple weeks ago, we got a call from Crista.
She asked Jared if he'd like to baptize her.
Astonishment was not our first reaction.
A little bit of unbelief was more like it.
Jared & I had both worked with Crista over a decade ago.
She was married into a LDS family, but refused to go to church.
A year ago, she called & told me to sit down cause she
was gonna ask what time church was.
She came almost every Sunday, but said no to missionaries.
Then moved to Woodland. Starting seeing the miss' and decided
it was time to officially get rid of her stubbornness towards the church.
Congrats to you CRISTA! We are proud of you
& support your decision no matter what!
We're glad you're finally in a position to accept the Gospel.
It's always so wonderful to see someone make covenants with God.
Especially when it took a good 16 years or so to get there.

Friday, October 9, 2009

C'est fini..... well, almost

After seeing this, I knew I just HAD to have one.
So I got to thinking about doing a swap with some others gals.
We would each do 14 of one page.
Yes, 14.
Then swapped them. That was at least a month ago.
Pages were just sitting in the bag.
But now I have a friend's surger & decided I need to get this thing done.
I bought some stabilizer, placed the pages back to back, & went to town.
Mail box with postcards & rotating flag.
Back pocket for wallet, future temple recommend,
money (I still need to cut out the money), & envelope to pay tithing.
Apple tree-pick the apples & place them in the basket.
Super cute bird hiding in the tree.
Water scene-put the fish on the water, use the pole to
catch the fish & put in basket (not in pic).
The fishies have little magnets sewn into their mouths. I know, cool right?
Water scene-froggy comes out of hiding, lady bugs move
back & forth on ribbon, butterfly goes up & down,
everything else is velcro to move around.
Learn to tie your shoe!
I don't think this red fabric is made anymore.
Zip open the lady bug to pull out more spots.
Noah's Ark zips open, I'm gonna find little animals to put in the ark.
Learn to button.
Farmhouse with pig, rooster & cow finger puppets. A pocket to place them in.
I made this one, that was 44 finger puppets to make.
Mr. or Mrs. Potatoe Head. The yellow pocket is for their accessories.
I think I'll make some missionary clothes, or silly face items.
Car theme. The lights are velcro & hide behind the black pocket.
You can place fire on any house & the fire truck puts out the fire.
Car comes from pocket behind house to drive on street.

Super cool. The kids love them.
Now I just need to learn how to do
button holes & find some metal clasping rings to hold it together.
Someday I'll make more pages & make a cover.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy birfday my Love

This day 29 years ago. A wonderful lady screamed
a bit & birthed my future husband. My he is a cutie.
We've known each other for several years. A few of those
years we didn't like each other (yes, before marriage).
He is a wonderful person with a giant heart. A great father & husband.
I thought to myself, what gift can I get this man whom I love so much?
So what am I doing tonight but cleaning the house.
Does Jared really care if the house is clean?
Absolutely not.
But I am happy when the house is clean.
And what more can a man ask for than a happy wife?

That & a brand new sports watch of course.

Every girl's dream

Ok, when I heard i was having a girl I thought, "She will wear her brother's clothes & never wear pink." A couple months later we were at Target (have you been to the one in Rancho yet? It's HUGE) I saw some cute shoes. So I started changing my mind a bit. I bought her 2 pairs of cute little shoes. They were only $2.98 each. But she's still never wearing pink.

Then people starting giving me clothes & hand me downs. I kept all the shoes given to me in a box. I got them out this weekend. 27 freaking pairs of shoes ranging from size 3-5.
27! That's more than I have.

I figured I could share some with a friend. I separated all the shoes by size. In each size there were no duplicates. How could I choose. Maybe one day I want red velvet but the next red patent. I couldn't possibly part from both. What if her church dress doesn't match white or black or silver & she needs the pink ones. SIGH. I am so ashamed to say it, but I only parted with 2 pairs. Like I said, ashamed ashamed ashamed.

It only took a couple months for me to change over. I now like to wear pink myself. Yuck. I even wanted the mauve camera. I now have a purple phone. I think I've turned into a girl.

You'll have to excuse the picture quality. I bought 2 new cameras & neither work well. I returned them & finally sent off my old one for repair.