Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy birfday my Love

This day 29 years ago. A wonderful lady screamed
a bit & birthed my future husband. My he is a cutie.
We've known each other for several years. A few of those
years we didn't like each other (yes, before marriage).
He is a wonderful person with a giant heart. A great father & husband.
I thought to myself, what gift can I get this man whom I love so much?
So what am I doing tonight but cleaning the house.
Does Jared really care if the house is clean?
Absolutely not.
But I am happy when the house is clean.
And what more can a man ask for than a happy wife?

That & a brand new sports watch of course.


The Shaffers said...

Happy birthday one day late Jared.. I thought it was today sorry!! Hope you guys did something fun!

spencenjess said...

I had no idea that Jared was older than me! (But only by a month and a few days.) Happy Birthday!!

spencenjess said...

p.s. That was Jessica, Spencer's got us all beat by several years!!