Friday, October 9, 2009

C'est fini..... well, almost

After seeing this, I knew I just HAD to have one.
So I got to thinking about doing a swap with some others gals.
We would each do 14 of one page.
Yes, 14.
Then swapped them. That was at least a month ago.
Pages were just sitting in the bag.
But now I have a friend's surger & decided I need to get this thing done.
I bought some stabilizer, placed the pages back to back, & went to town.
Mail box with postcards & rotating flag.
Back pocket for wallet, future temple recommend,
money (I still need to cut out the money), & envelope to pay tithing.
Apple tree-pick the apples & place them in the basket.
Super cute bird hiding in the tree.
Water scene-put the fish on the water, use the pole to
catch the fish & put in basket (not in pic).
The fishies have little magnets sewn into their mouths. I know, cool right?
Water scene-froggy comes out of hiding, lady bugs move
back & forth on ribbon, butterfly goes up & down,
everything else is velcro to move around.
Learn to tie your shoe!
I don't think this red fabric is made anymore.
Zip open the lady bug to pull out more spots.
Noah's Ark zips open, I'm gonna find little animals to put in the ark.
Learn to button.
Farmhouse with pig, rooster & cow finger puppets. A pocket to place them in.
I made this one, that was 44 finger puppets to make.
Mr. or Mrs. Potatoe Head. The yellow pocket is for their accessories.
I think I'll make some missionary clothes, or silly face items.
Car theme. The lights are velcro & hide behind the black pocket.
You can place fire on any house & the fire truck puts out the fire.
Car comes from pocket behind house to drive on street.

Super cool. The kids love them.
Now I just need to learn how to do
button holes & find some metal clasping rings to hold it together.
Someday I'll make more pages & make a cover.


Laura C. said...

Looks good! My mom is finishing mine up for a Christmas present for me. She doesn't have a surger, so she sewed binding on the edges instead. It' looks pretty cute. She even added a page for me (a snowman!). I'll have to show it to you after I officially get it for Christmas :)

Sara said...
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Jill said...

WOW - I can't believe you made so many finger puppets!

The pages all look great. :)

Emily Heizer said...

First of all, that is the AWESOMEST book ever! I am definetly passing that along to one of my girlfriends (who just had #4!).

Next, although I believe I just accidentally left a comment on some random reletive of your's blog, lol I think you're the one who was looking for me. Here I am!

I am Janay & Dan Hunt's photographer, who did Connor's newborn pictures. She left me a comment on my blog this morning, and I went to check out hers, and there were my pictures, so of course I had to read the comments! The address she posted was correct, just the link was bad. Here is my blog address: I just recently took down my regular website at the begining of the month to fully transition over to my blog, which is so much more fun for me than a regular website.

Anyway, here I am! lol

Emily Heizer