Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Every girl's dream

Ok, when I heard i was having a girl I thought, "She will wear her brother's clothes & never wear pink." A couple months later we were at Target (have you been to the one in Rancho yet? It's HUGE) I saw some cute shoes. So I started changing my mind a bit. I bought her 2 pairs of cute little shoes. They were only $2.98 each. But she's still never wearing pink.

Then people starting giving me clothes & hand me downs. I kept all the shoes given to me in a box. I got them out this weekend. 27 freaking pairs of shoes ranging from size 3-5.
27! That's more than I have.

I figured I could share some with a friend. I separated all the shoes by size. In each size there were no duplicates. How could I choose. Maybe one day I want red velvet but the next red patent. I couldn't possibly part from both. What if her church dress doesn't match white or black or silver & she needs the pink ones. SIGH. I am so ashamed to say it, but I only parted with 2 pairs. Like I said, ashamed ashamed ashamed.

It only took a couple months for me to change over. I now like to wear pink myself. Yuck. I even wanted the mauve camera. I now have a purple phone. I think I've turned into a girl.

You'll have to excuse the picture quality. I bought 2 new cameras & neither work well. I returned them & finally sent off my old one for repair.


The Shaffers said...

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!!!!!

Laura C. said...

This totally cracks me up! I totally agree that a girl needs to have more shoe options than boys, but I THINK 27 pairs might be overdoing it a bit. MAYBE.

Sara said...

I love shoes! Keep them all! My daughters love shoes, too! Abby has worn 3 different pairs TODAY! I know what you mean about becoming girlie, before I had girls I wore red and blue. Now I'm all about the PINK! There's a movie called 27 Dresses, you could do 27 Shoes!