Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elliott's Second Birthday!!!

Our little red head is finally acting her age. 
The Great & Terrible 2 !!!!!!

Eating rice from the cooker. 

The famous scrunchy nose smile. 

With siblings on her big day. 

Eating her cupcake. 

Her loud & obnoxious gift her mother bought her. 
Yes, I regret buying it. 
But she loves it so much & plays with it all the time. 

Here's to many more years! 
We love how you test our nerves, climb everything imaginable & more.
You're such a happy person until someone crosses your way. 
Then you tell them to "back off" or scream till you get your way. 
You love going to school, playing on the playground, hanging on bars & rings, 
dancing, spinning, sleeping. 
We love how you cuddle & give great hugs & kisses.

Elliott, you are such a doll. 
Thank you for coming to live with our family. 

Thankful Tree 2012

Cruddy picture, I know.

We slacked a bit this year on the every day leaf. 
But it was still fun & we kept up with tradition. 

What the Hasleton family is thankful for this year..........

Jared:  my girls Charlotte & Elliott, my wife Jennifer, our home, my boys Grant & Nathan.

Jennifer: big kitchen, pregnant body, backyard fruit trees, lotion, healthy children, scriptures, CFE,  clean water,  clean kitchen.

Grant: toys, movies, candy, clothes, getting enough sleep, T.V., games, books, house, lessons, school.

Nate: family, going to bed, trees, the Barlow family, our food, (drawing of a haapy stick figure), our family, our neighbors, our home, drawing of a Wii controller.

Charly: Barbies, rubber bands, my friends, boots, criss cross apple sauce, pj’s, going to school, princesses, school.

Ellie: pink, (scribble), snot rags, nursery at church, the word “mine” & “no”.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hasleton Quote

Charlotte: "Mom, your belly is getting sooooo big!"
Mom: "Yup, and it's just going to get bigger"
           And under my breath I say "And so will my butt."
Charlotte: "Your butt is going to get bigger?"
Mom: "It's going to get ginormous!"
Charlotte: very concerned "Will it break the house?"

Jeez, how big does she think it can get?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween festivities this year. 

School & Church Trunk R Treat.
Jared's fabulous costume......
Pumpkin carving (ugh)
Bags upon bags of candy.
Decorating empty milk jugs to put lights inside. 
Was fun, glad it's over!

Here's to next year. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fog Willow 2012

Went to Fog Willow this year. 
Super fun, lots of stuff to do.