Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thankful Tree 2012

Cruddy picture, I know.

We slacked a bit this year on the every day leaf. 
But it was still fun & we kept up with tradition. 

What the Hasleton family is thankful for this year..........

Jared:  my girls Charlotte & Elliott, my wife Jennifer, our home, my boys Grant & Nathan.

Jennifer: big kitchen, pregnant body, backyard fruit trees, lotion, healthy children, scriptures, CFE,  clean water,  clean kitchen.

Grant: toys, movies, candy, clothes, getting enough sleep, T.V., games, books, house, lessons, school.

Nate: family, going to bed, trees, the Barlow family, our food, (drawing of a haapy stick figure), our family, our neighbors, our home, drawing of a Wii controller.

Charly: Barbies, rubber bands, my friends, boots, criss cross apple sauce, pj’s, going to school, princesses, school.

Ellie: pink, (scribble), snot rags, nursery at church, the word “mine” & “no”.

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