Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Donut Time

MMMMMM  DONUTS!!!!! Saturday morning called for a celebration! PJ so graciously bought us some yummies that he himself partook of. good to see him eating carbs, just kidding. It did take a couple of days to get all the stickiness off the boys, but it was fun.

Institute Games

Now that we have a program to do things with our pictures, I will be cheating and posting a lot at once!! Here we are at the institute playing games. The boys got competitive with ping pong, the air hockey table was always occupied, us girls made a cute craft, kids ran around being loud, and we had YUMMY PIZZA to go with all the fun.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gabriel's birthday

Here is my attempt at creating a home video. Awhile ago, Grant & Nate went to a birthday party at bounce town. It was fun, especially when I squeezed through the kid sized holes to rescue Grant when stuck. Hope you enjoy!!!

Carmel beach Jan 2008

It was soooo cold at the beach, but that did not stop some of us from getting soaked. we snacked, played games, and raced the waves!!!! Our pixie gift was the perfect game for all the kids. And by kids I mean ALL the boys, no matter how old. They tried to see who could get the nerf arrow to fly the highest. While we tried to avoid the ENORMOUS amounts of seaweed on the sand. The storms had done a real number all throughout Monterey, trees were down everywhere, electricity hardly existed, we had a hard time getting cream cheese at the stores because it had all been"destroyed." Church was interesting with generators giving us light. But it was still fun!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cute shirts

Every once in awhile, I am able to sneak the boys to match each other. But shhhh, don't tell Jared.

Nathan laughing

This is my first video ever on here. Yeah, now I know how to do it. Lisa & Kirsti, I'll compete with you on who has the best blog!!!!

Sleeping again