Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Institute Games

Now that we have a program to do things with our pictures, I will be cheating and posting a lot at once!! Here we are at the institute playing games. The boys got competitive with ping pong, the air hockey table was always occupied, us girls made a cute craft, kids ran around being loud, and we had YUMMY PIZZA to go with all the fun.


JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

AWESOME Jennifer! I loved the musical montage. Well done, you definitely win this round of superb blogging, but just you wait, I'll be back and I'll claim that title once more. WAHAAHAA (evil laugh)

We are Martin said...

I just love this blogging stuff! Watching all the pictures makes me want to giggle and girly squeal (something I always try to avoid face to face-it's not pretty.)

Laurie Hasleton said...

I LOVE the videos. Thanks for taking the time to put these on your blog. It's so much fun.