Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not much to look at

One of the problems of having afternoon appointments,
is that they're are always behind.
They didn't take me back till 35 minutes after my appointment time,
AFTER I had arrived the 20 minutes early for paper work.
Ah, at least I have a good Doc & RN. Not that great of a picture.
I've seen better. But this is what #4 gets right?
Neglected. Poor thing. You'll be tough.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shout out Friday

To midnight accidents:
I wake up wondering why I have a four year old crying in the dark bathroom.
I realize he didn't make it in time.
How do I know this before even switching on the light?
I'm standing in a puddle - barefoot.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Shout out Friday


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teach your kids how to change a tire

So I was out & about last week. My van was driving funny
& I wondered to myself.....Hmmm if I were to get flat tire, what would I do?
I know how to change one, but those who have an Odyessy like mine,
know what a pain it is to reach the spare.
So I reach my destination, go about my business, come back,
buckle up all the kids, then sure enough, my back tire is ful-lat.
I get in the car, call everyone I can think of. No luck.
My Mom can be there in 30 min to pick us up.
I planned on ditching the car until later.

Well, I started reading the car's instructions on getting that dang spare out.
I rearrange all the chairs & get that darn thing out.
Then Charly poops. Of course, it's a doosy.
While all the kids are floating around the inside of the car,
I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get my
(please insert choice of many swear words) car jack out. Grrr.
Grant kept saying, you're doing it wrong Mom, let me try.
"Thank you Grant, but please be quiet," I say
trying to not show my high level of irritation.

So I'm on my knees under the car, hoping
I have the jack in the right spot,
when my angel walks by.
Side note: All you other potential angels that walked by
with a pitiful look on your face, screw you.
Anyways, a nice looking lady who says,
"would you like some help? My son is good with cars."
I break down & start crying, "Yes, I would love some help."
My kids are bouncing around in the car, Charly has her hands
& mouth against the window with a couple quarts of
drool dripping down. I'm already feeling guilty
jacking up the car with my kids in it. What was I supposed to do?
Leave them to wander the parking lot?

So this small boy of around 14 comes & whips that poopy spare on in no time.
I give him a great hug that I'm sure he didn't want.
Told him to make sure to tell his Mom
(she had to go inside with her daughter for an appointment)
I'm so thankful for her offer & their kindness.

My kids will learn to change a tire as son as possible.
They will offer their service, & not just walk by thinking
Wow, sucks for you.

Thank you to my parking lot angels!

Another side note: While at the tire place, the guy came in & asked
where my spare belongs in the car. The other employee says, "the Odyssey?
Behind the the front seats. It's a B**ch to get out."
Amen my brotha!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shout out Friday

I was trying to rack my brain for something funny
to put here this morning for my shout out.
Then Jared showed me his new business cards.
Sigh.... my last name.
Pronounced Hazel-ton.
I blame it on the Norwegians when they came over.
Not that they did anything wrong. But oh this name of mine.
I see it spelled every which way.
Haselton Hazelton Haelston etc.
Don't get me wrong. I know I chose to have this as my name forever.
I never take offense when it's not spelled correctly.
I mean, who can blame anyone for spelling it wrong?
I even have to sound it out when I write it. Has - let - on
Sometimes my Mom even asks me how to spell it.
The best is when you are standing right there in front of someone,
you say (Hazelton) spelled H-A-S-L-E-T-O-N.
They say what? I spell it again, they still write it wrong.
But this is a new one my peeps!

I so love my last name.
Come on my fellow Hasleton family. What else have you got!!