Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not much to look at

One of the problems of having afternoon appointments,
is that they're are always behind.
They didn't take me back till 35 minutes after my appointment time,
AFTER I had arrived the 20 minutes early for paper work.
Ah, at least I have a good Doc & RN. Not that great of a picture.
I've seen better. But this is what #4 gets right?
Neglected. Poor thing. You'll be tough.


Francais Frit said...
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Francais Frit said...

Oh! Thanksgiving! I vote for that day. That's a good one :)

CeAnne said...

Well hey, its more than I have and I've been 'pregnant' for 5 months with maybe 9 left to go! Although we do know we are getting a girl so I guess I have one up on ya.

Jennifer Rae said...

CONGRATS. This one will be scrappy for sure!

Cheralyn said...

We're excited for you guys. I look at families with 3+ kids with amazement - you guys are awesome!

Andrea S said...

Congrats!! I'm so excited for you guys.

Nicole said...

When are you due? I get to see my peanut in a couple weeks! I love the first picture it never gets old.