Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big B comes to our family

Here's me at 35 weeks

And at 37 weeks. 

 I went to the doc's on Friday the 12th for a routine check up. I hadn't been feeling Brett move so they put me on the monitor. I started feeling some pinches & asked if the monitor recorded contractions. Yes it did, & I had 4 tiny ones. The nurse said they were probably just Braxton Hicks. I've never had those before, so I doubted. But too soon to get excited. 

I kept getting the little pinches & feeling a lot of pressure. We drove my dad's truck up to El Dorado Hills to get a rototiller for the garden. The truck was bouncy & the contractions got harder & more frequent. As we got home, they went away. But alas at 4 am they were waking me up!! When they were 4 minutes apart I got ready,  packed my bag,  called the hospital & my Momma and then  I woke up Jared with the good news. 

We made it there in record time. A 45 minute drive in 20 minutes. A few red lights may have been overlooked;) We arrived at 5:30 am. I pulled my "I have 4 kids already" shpiel & was admitted without the usual silly tests. Just say you feel like you have to push. They'll wheel you right up!

Great mid wife, awesome anesthesiologist. The epi only worked on the hard pain. I felt so much pressure that I had a tough time breathing through the contractions. When my water broke, the gushing sound was so loud, and A TON of gross amniotic fluid came out. First for that. Poor mid wife had to change scrubs. 8:20 came around, time to push. One big one & she was out! The mid wife grabbed her fast & held out a bag to catch the rest of the fluid. Again, it was so loud. I had no idea my body could make that kind of noise. 

Head full of dark black hair. Screaming her cute little lungs out.  

Britton Mae Hasleton
7 lbs 15 oz 20 something inches
April 13th 8:20 am

Mae is for Mary, my Grandmother on my Maternal side.

I don't remember how we came up with Britton. We had liked it for Elliott. Who still tries to poke B in the eyes. 

The kids with her as we brought her home on Sunday. Grant isn't very excited. He says it'll be more work for him. 

My sweet little darkie! She is so precious. 
Definitely worth the last 9 miserable months!