Saturday, February 2, 2013

Something Refreshing

Although we live in sunny Cali, winter can still be dreary & depressing.
I always feel it's important to "brighten" up with great colors.
Since I spend a ton of time time in the kitchen (not cause I'm a great cook)
But because it's always needing to be cleaned, homework is done in it, crafting, or chicken nuggets being "cooked" in the oven.
So I LOVE having bright colored towels, flowers, spatulas & such to see.

Aprons are my best friend since I'm clumsy & always dropping things on myself. 
I love this fabric!

It will definitely spruce up my day when I wear it with it's refreshing colors.

Charlotte is 4!

The following is my attempt to get a good birthday picture of my little missy on her birthday.

That's about as good as it gets.

Things Charly is into:
Anything pink, whining, dragging around a bag of toys or books, Barbie movies (oh yea), 
going to preschool, her 3 best friends McKenna - Juliette & Willa, coloring, dancing, 
making up songs off the top of her head.

We love you my girly girl!!!

28 weeks!

28 weeks!
Do you like how clean my mirror is? 

Just like Charly's pregnancy, I've been having some major sciatic problems. 
Walking, moving, sitting, laying down, etc., it all hurts.
But it is fun when people ask if I'm ok. I say my butt hurts & they give me great looks. 
I've already gained my allowed 30 pounds. Oops.
Maybe this one will be chunky, or have hair. 
Can't wait to see who she is!!