Monday, December 14, 2015


Easter is always fun with kids!
We have an activity with church at the park. 

Britton stuck herself in a hole. 

I braved it and let the kids color eggs this year. 
It usually drives me crazy with the mess. 
They did well. 

Easter egg hunt in the backyard. 

The candy adds up. 

Pinewood derby 2015

Grant and Nathan worked hard on their cars this year.
Grant made a pencil.
Nate made a fire car and won first place in the pack.

 Fun treats for the activity. 

Charlotte turns 6!!

Uncle PJ had some Marriott points to blow, 
so we got a hotel room at Charly's favorite hotel 
and had some friends stay the night!!

She chose to have a friend birthday party. 
And a heart cake. 

Charly loves skirts, friends, drawing/coloring, 
and getting into jewelry. 
She had her ears pierced and is collecting cute earrings. 

Nate turns 8!!

Great Nate turns 8! 
He's chosen to be baptized.

We had a celebration at the house with lots of friends, 
family and food. 

Nathan likes LEGOS, video games, Minecraft, 
riding his bike and played soccer this year. 

Christmas 2014

Ward party had a Santa to meet!

Decorating our Christmas Tree!

Ginger Bread houses. 

Dressed up for Nana's Christmas Eve Nativity.

Christmas morning. Santa has brought some good gifts!!

Christmas dinner with family!!