Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thankful tree 2014.

I waited too long to take this picture. 
Much of the tree is missing due to having a baby around. 
I think she ate the base of the tree. 

This year we are Thankful for……..

Jared: CFE, Daddy's gun fund, XDM 45 3-8, 5X megs, my Jennifer, my girls, my boys. 

Jennifer: Kids that can read, Big kitchen, craft talents, quilting frame!, chickens, Gertrude, CFE, healthy children, vitamix. 

Grant: my bunk bed, foooood, family, smarties, homeschooling, Bear scouts, gum, the house, Holidays, another holiday, more gum,  screen time, TV, my room, nerd guns. 

Nathan: garden, food, the world, Jesus, animals, being nice, family, my room, family, food, life, school, gym, food. 

Charlotte: Christmas, double bed, legos, Halloween, my heart, stuffed animals, family, school, my dolls.

Elliott: toys, Heavenly Father, Halloween, stuffed animals, cake, my family, apple cider, mini oranges, zombies. 

Britton: bbs, toys, books. 

Elliot turns 4!!

My sweet Elles. She is such a crack up. 
Energetic, happy, loves princesses, playing outside 
and talking talking talking. 
She thinks kisses are gross and swears she will never get married. 

November 2014 Festivities.

 I attempted at helping the kids be crafty in the kitchen. 
We made Turkey cup cakes and 
drank hot cocoa with whipped cream. 

Of course they had a blast. It was a ton of sugar. 

Jared's Birthday & Halloween 2014

A picture of the sweet thing

For Jared's birthday he gets a nap and a gun cake. 
The cake was the kids idea and they helped make it. 

Halloween. My least favorite holiday. 
Dressing up kids. Buying new costumes. 
Too much candy around the house. 
And an activity every night. 
But the kids love it. 
I made Some Elsa hair braids for the girls. 
They love them and constantly wear them.

 Grant's costume. I'm still not sure what he is. 
But he finds it hilarious. 

Random picture of Britton

We attempted to do a family costume. Star Wars. 

 Elliott was a princess Darth Vader. Jared Han Solo. 
Myself Princess Leia. Grant is a Jedi Night. 
Nate a Storm trooper. And britton an Ewok. 
Charlotte, whatever. 

 And tired by the end. 
This is how I feel about Halloween. 

Soccer and Karate Camp

The boys have been doing Shou Shu Karate for three years. 
They love learning how to protect themselves. 
Also how to control. 
Nate was our energetic little guy. 
When he started karate, he really changed. 
Instead of the constant crazy running around, 
he started being able to choose when he wanted play or be calm. 
I loved this transition. 
Karate has been a great outlet for the boys. 

We were able participate in karate camp September 2014. 
It's a weekend of karate all day long with some demos at night.
 It was just me and the boys in a tent. 
It was very hot with a loud train at night.
 But a great experience. 
The boys both earned their high purple belts. 

Nate played soccer this year. 
He was on the Decepticons team and had a blast running around 
with boys his age. 

Coaches Micah, Jesse and Mike

First Day of School 2014

School is in!
Nate goes to second grade with Mrs. Lemos

Charlotte has Mrs. Ellefsen for Kinder. 
She is super excited to be leaving pre school to learn more. 
She loves school. 

 Elliott gets to start pre school! 
She is so excited to get to go to school like the others. 
Mommy is also excited for her. 
Elliott will get to use her energy and meet new people. 

Here's to the new school year!

Last Bit of Summer

We LOVE the beach! 
Although the sand sticks to us and drives mommy crazy, 
it's always fun. The kids dig a big hole. 
Sun bath. 
Rin crazy up and down the beach. 
And of course get pummeled by the waves. 

 The rides at the Boardwalk are a must on dollar ride days. 
We play until they close around midnight. 

Goodbye summer vacation!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grant turns 9!!

Grant is nine!! 
He loves LEGOS, building them, riding his bike, 
reading reading reading, 
excited to be a Bear Scout and 
starting to eat everything in sight. 

Summer Vacation 2014

Summer Trip 2014

 We made it out to Mount Saint Helen's before the family reunion. It was cloudy but beautiful. The museum there is amazing. 

Family reunion games. 

 It was a long drive with a bit of vomit. 

CAmping with family, Sam & Linda and lots of sight seeing!!