Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thankful tree 2014.

I waited too long to take this picture. 
Much of the tree is missing due to having a baby around. 
I think she ate the base of the tree. 

This year we are Thankful for……..

Jared: CFE, Daddy's gun fund, XDM 45 3-8, 5X megs, my Jennifer, my girls, my boys. 

Jennifer: Kids that can read, Big kitchen, craft talents, quilting frame!, chickens, Gertrude, CFE, healthy children, vitamix. 

Grant: my bunk bed, foooood, family, smarties, homeschooling, Bear scouts, gum, the house, Holidays, another holiday, more gum,  screen time, TV, my room, nerd guns. 

Nathan: garden, food, the world, Jesus, animals, being nice, family, my room, family, food, life, school, gym, food. 

Charlotte: Christmas, double bed, legos, Halloween, my heart, stuffed animals, family, school, my dolls.

Elliott: toys, Heavenly Father, Halloween, stuffed animals, cake, my family, apple cider, mini oranges, zombies. 

Britton: bbs, toys, books. 

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