Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jared's Birthday & Halloween 2014

A picture of the sweet thing

For Jared's birthday he gets a nap and a gun cake. 
The cake was the kids idea and they helped make it. 

Halloween. My least favorite holiday. 
Dressing up kids. Buying new costumes. 
Too much candy around the house. 
And an activity every night. 
But the kids love it. 
I made Some Elsa hair braids for the girls. 
They love them and constantly wear them.

 Grant's costume. I'm still not sure what he is. 
But he finds it hilarious. 

Random picture of Britton

We attempted to do a family costume. Star Wars. 

 Elliott was a princess Darth Vader. Jared Han Solo. 
Myself Princess Leia. Grant is a Jedi Night. 
Nate a Storm trooper. And britton an Ewok. 
Charlotte, whatever. 

 And tired by the end. 
This is how I feel about Halloween. 

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