Sunday, November 8, 2015

Soccer and Karate Camp

The boys have been doing Shou Shu Karate for three years. 
They love learning how to protect themselves. 
Also how to control. 
Nate was our energetic little guy. 
When he started karate, he really changed. 
Instead of the constant crazy running around, 
he started being able to choose when he wanted play or be calm. 
I loved this transition. 
Karate has been a great outlet for the boys. 

We were able participate in karate camp September 2014. 
It's a weekend of karate all day long with some demos at night.
 It was just me and the boys in a tent. 
It was very hot with a loud train at night.
 But a great experience. 
The boys both earned their high purple belts. 

Nate played soccer this year. 
He was on the Decepticons team and had a blast running around 
with boys his age. 

Coaches Micah, Jesse and Mike

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