Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Why can't everyone be perfect???

It would sure make it a whole lot easier to love them all.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008 family pic

This picture would be so cute if Grant wasn't pouting. I think he was so tired of having to pose for pictures the whole weekend. 

I dyed my hair!!

These aren't the best pictures of me, but I am no longer a virgin!!! I dyed my hair!!!  These pics don't show it that great, but I went to Suzie and she put a WEAVE in my hair. Not the extension kind, it's a method of dying your hair. SO I am still a redhead, but now half my hair is more blonde. It really lightens my face. I'm happy with it!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh, the joy of motherhood

So here is my afternoon. I put the boys to bed for their nap. Nathan does not want to sleep. That's fine, let him cry. After a bit, I go in to comfort him and boy does it stink.

Of course it's up his back (he doesn't do it any other way), & on some blankets. I wrap it all up with him and head to the hallway to start the clean up.

He's done, I put him back to bed. Stay with him for a little bit to calm him down. The room still smells. Nothing new, it always smells. So I'm sitting there by the crib, trying not to wake Grant. I notice a spot on the bumper by Nathan's head. Oh crap, literally. I had not noticed it before. I lean over to get a better look.

Yes, it was on the bumper, on the sheets, his stuffed animal, but the best part was that he had managed to rub it all over his head.

I took this picture because I know many others have experienced this disaster. Although it still doesn't beat Grant's blowout that went through the bumper onto the wall, these are the times I think we're allowed to go a bit crazy. Good thing it's March so I had a box of Girl scout samoas cookies to console myself.