Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh, the joy of motherhood

So here is my afternoon. I put the boys to bed for their nap. Nathan does not want to sleep. That's fine, let him cry. After a bit, I go in to comfort him and boy does it stink.

Of course it's up his back (he doesn't do it any other way), & on some blankets. I wrap it all up with him and head to the hallway to start the clean up.

He's done, I put him back to bed. Stay with him for a little bit to calm him down. The room still smells. Nothing new, it always smells. So I'm sitting there by the crib, trying not to wake Grant. I notice a spot on the bumper by Nathan's head. Oh crap, literally. I had not noticed it before. I lean over to get a better look.

Yes, it was on the bumper, on the sheets, his stuffed animal, but the best part was that he had managed to rub it all over his head.

I took this picture because I know many others have experienced this disaster. Although it still doesn't beat Grant's blowout that went through the bumper onto the wall, these are the times I think we're allowed to go a bit crazy. Good thing it's March so I had a box of Girl scout samoas cookies to console myself.


Mrs. F said...

Samoas can help lighten any mood (in my eyes, anyways)...

So glad we are not in diapers anymore. I do not miss the booty explosions at ALL!!!!!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

ummm...Girl Scout cookies. I love the picture, motherhood is messy.

We are Martin said...

Ug! Yesterday I put Enoch and Calvin in the bath. David called to say that the joke show was on A Prairie Home Companion. I was tired and needed a laugh, so I left the boys "real quick" to turn on the show. I couldn't find it though. And by the time I got back to the boys Enoch was crying and climbing out of the tub, covered in, you guessed it, Calvin's crap. Of course, Calvin was happy as a clam to bath in his poop. It was then I realized the joke was on me!

R & T Gilchrist said...

Barlow that sucks! I am just lucky nothing like that has happened yet (knock on wood). I don't know if I could clean that up with out getting sick.
Well on the up side you just have to save the pictures for his wedding.