Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I dyed my hair!!

These aren't the best pictures of me, but I am no longer a virgin!!! I dyed my hair!!!  These pics don't show it that great, but I went to Suzie and she put a WEAVE in my hair. Not the extension kind, it's a method of dying your hair. SO I am still a redhead, but now half my hair is more blonde. It really lightens my face. I'm happy with it!


Michelle said...

No way, I can't believe it. You actually dyed you hair! Looks good!
: D

andreashaffer11 said...

SOOO PRETTY!!!! I love it, you look so dang good... I love you and miss you tons!!!!!!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

BEAUTIFUL! The iChat didn't do it justice. I love it! Oh...you're so cute, no wonder Jared loves you. Thanks for being my sister, I am cool just by association.

The Maire Family said...

Wow you look great! The coloring looks awesome on you.

jen aka S Niu