Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Diva

It all started with an urge to try my hand at gardening. Nothing has ever before survived these previous urges. I kill the unkillable plants. But this year, I got tomatoes & pumpkins to grow for me. This picture was taken early on in the season. By the time my plants were done growing, they crossed my whole backyard. I was very proud of myself for being able to grow my own veggies & actually be able to eat them. We had sooo many tomatoes. And I looked forward to not having to buy any pumpkins for the Holidays. 

I was too scared to actually carve any of the pumpkins we grew, afraid they would be gross inside since I grew them, so we all colored them for Halloween. There were about a dozen all together, more than we knew what to do with. So a couple days ago, I say it's time to toss the pumpkins, they've taken up their share of space for long enough. Then got the inkling to cut them in half for the boys to see. Then started wondering if I could reuse the seeds to plant for next year, I got online & started looking at things to do with pumpkins. Found some yummy recipes, & decided to try some of them out. 

I ended up with some DELICIOUS oatmeal choc chip cookies. They are actually VERY good. SO I am feeling mighty proud of the fact I was able to cook something that I grew. Not just tomatoes in a salad, but actually baking the pumpkin & puree ing it, then freezing some for later. These things are stuffed with potassium & vitamin C. & loaded with vitamin A. There is no butter, & not too much sugar. That means it was all right to let my kids have them after 9 pm right?? At least they were eating pumpkin & oats. 

We have also started a "We are Thankful for..." tree. Every day I ask the boys what they are Thankful for, & we put it on a leaf for our tree. I have never done this much for Thanksgiving before, & am feeling mighty happy with my self. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here ya go Drea!

Andrea has been asking for some pregger pics, so here they are. I had to put aside 2 pairs of maternity pants this morning because they no longer comfortably fit. This is not a good sign since I still have 3 more months to go. All that homemade bread I've been making. We're almost out of butter. 
Also, I found these at Winco last night. I might be living in my Old Navy Men's pajama pants pretty soon. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My MP3 player

I started doing surveys with this company online a couple years ago. The only one that I've found to not hassle you or jerk you around. I finally had enough points for something that I wanted..... An Apple shuffle. It's so teeny & I love the headphones. Here are the boys & Jared modeling it off for me. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a wuss

I cried at the end of Walt Disney's Cinderella this morning. How lame are those hormones?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh so sexy

I tried a cinnamon bread roll thingy. Didn't turn out so hot. Jared still ate it, but we had to make french toast out of the loaf, which was tasty. These aren't very attractive loaves, anyone have a good recipe for cinnamon bread?? Not a quick bread or rolls, but actual bread. 

Halloween 2008

We celebrated Halloween 4 times this year. Jared was an English postman, Me a pregnant nun (again), Grant a "fire truck man", & Nate was a tiny ninja. Glad I got costumes on clearance last year, although Grant was the only one wearing something original. I want to dress up as a family next year, any ideas??

This is at our ward's Harvest Festival, tons of fun & awesome activities for the kids. Good chili too. We also went to Brighton ward's trunk or treat, Susie Scoville's haunted house, then around the town on Halloween night. We saw lots of old neighbors, & people were giving out hand fulls of candy at almost every house. We have way too much candy. 

The boys had so much fun running around. My brother Kevin & his girlfriend Tessa did most of the work taking the boys up to the doors & helping them. Jared & I kinda just played around. Jared squirting people with Grant's fire extinguisher, I swear I didn't know it squirted when I bought it, leave it up to Jared to figure it out.