Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

We celebrated Halloween 4 times this year. Jared was an English postman, Me a pregnant nun (again), Grant a "fire truck man", & Nate was a tiny ninja. Glad I got costumes on clearance last year, although Grant was the only one wearing something original. I want to dress up as a family next year, any ideas??

This is at our ward's Harvest Festival, tons of fun & awesome activities for the kids. Good chili too. We also went to Brighton ward's trunk or treat, Susie Scoville's haunted house, then around the town on Halloween night. We saw lots of old neighbors, & people were giving out hand fulls of candy at almost every house. We have way too much candy. 

The boys had so much fun running around. My brother Kevin & his girlfriend Tessa did most of the work taking the boys up to the doors & helping them. Jared & I kinda just played around. Jared squirting people with Grant's fire extinguisher, I swear I didn't know it squirted when I bought it, leave it up to Jared to figure it out. 


The Shaffers said...

Look at that beauitful family!! Well Jared looks goffy,hehe, but the boys are adorable.. They are starting to look a lot alike to me!! And FINALLY a preggo PIC, yea!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! You always look great pregnant, I LOVE your baby bump!! Love you guys and miss you TONS!!!!

TJ and Ayumi said...

I love it! You look so cute with your costume. I love the little fire man and the Ninjya. You can tell your son you once served with a Ninja sister from Japan.

I think you should dress up as the Incredibles next year.