Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family picture time

Need I say more?

Britton Turns 1!!

Our sweet number five turned one on April 13th 2014. 

We celebrated with cake. 

I think she liked it. 
Some things about Brett at 1. 
Loves to run, call after siblings, eats everything, 
no longer nursing b/c sharp teeth, 
and is super adorable. 

Forts Rock!!

The kids love building forts. 
They were fortunate to have kind parents 
to let them sleep a night in their fun fort. 
It started out well. 
Till a little girl got cold, went to bed. 
Someone bonked their head, went to their own bed. 
And so on. 
It lasted till maybe 9 pm before everyone was in their own beds. Still fun!!

Valentine's Day 2014

We started Valentines Day with some yummy XOXOXO pancakes. 

 Fun plates. 

Cute outfit from Grandma. 

 For the kid's cards, I wanted to do those cute picture cards 
where you print up the picture, 
then stick a sucker through it by the kid's hands. 
So it looks like they're giving you a sucker!

 It didn't go so well with the girls. 
Several shots were needed. 

And a meltdown. 

Then it was fun. Lots of candy and treats.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Airplane museum & Charly turns 5!!

First weekend of February is always free museum day! 
We tend to go to the aerospace museum. 
Super fun planes and activities. 

 Charly turned FIVE this year!
She decided on a tea party. Cute girls and fun!

Random picture of Jared and Ellie sleeping. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year Elle is a Sunbeam

First Sunday of the New Year.

Elliott is a brand new sunbeam!!!

Very excited as you can see.