Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A finished product

Every year I end up making a quilt for someone in the family for Christmas. 
I like to start early as possible so I won't stress at the end. 
I had Kirsti this year. 
I picked out her fabric & pattern 2 years ago. 
I cut & started it February 2012. 
Life happens. 
Come November, I had gotten no farther. 
I had to stress. 
But I love it!
(pic isn't great)

I wish I would have taken a picture of the back. 
It's my all time favorite fabric. 

Charlotte goes to sunbeams

Charlotte was super excited to go to her new sunbeam class first Sunday in January. 
At our church, children 18 months -3 years go to nursery. 
The year that they turn 4, they get to go to "big" primary with the other big kids. 
She chose her own outfit, so did Elle. They look like an ad for Pepto Bismol. 

Great Nate turns 6!!

My Nate has turned 6 years old.

I don't know what else to say. 
I feel like my babies are getting too big. 
On the up side, they can do things like unload the dishwasher, pick up a room, do their own homework, wash my car, dust, fold/put away their laundry w/o help, wash windows, make popcorn & toast, sweep, etc.

When are they able to start mowing the lawn????

Some things Nate is about around this time:

Pokemon, Skylanders, drawing anything that has to do with airplanes-bombs-people dying, not staying still for a minute, eats more than I do, helps his classmates, and basically being such a sweetheart. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nativity play 2012

Every Christmas Eve we Hasletons (& whoever else is crazy enough) 
get together to act out the Nativity. 
Laurie has a wonderful collection of dress ups. Sometimes it's more fun to decide who wears what. 

Grant as Joseph. 

Charlotte was an angel.

Jared was a wise man, I always wear the fun jeweled crown thingy. 
I think it means I get to sit on the couch & do nothing;)
Nate was a wise man, Ellie a shepherd. 

My cute & adorable children. 

Sweet sisters. I wish they acted this nice to each other more often. 

Elliott surprised by keeping her outfit on the whole night. She loved it!
She also loved the baby Jesus doll. She kept giving him kisses in His "cradle."

Jared's traditional picture. I'm sure I have one of him like this every year. 

And Ellie playing with baby Jesus all night long. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Christmas tree!

We are not the type of family that goes to extreme lengths to find the "perfect" tree for the holidays. 
Home Depot is the place to be. 

This year we apparently waited too long to get a tree. 
The second week of December?
So we go to Home Depot. They don't have much to choose from, & are out of netting. 
So we head back towards home stopping at Rite Aid & Savemart who are all out of trees. 
We plan on heading over to Lowes. Stop at home for more jackets & to make hot cocoa. 
Thought it might be fun.

They have absolutely. nothing. zip.

Where are all the trees people?
So we go back to Home Depot, pour some hot cocoa & find a beautiful, humungous tree for $20. 
Can't beat that (except for all the driving).

The kids do a great job decorating. Jared puts on the star. 
We actually had to cut several inches off the top to fit in the house.

And here it is! Our tree for 2012. 

I love all the home made paper ornaments. 
All placed at a child's level. 

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we held Thanksgiving dinner at our house!

Starting out with some wall walks...........

The table decorations.........

 Didn't catch any pictures of the delicious food, but it was oh so good!

What happens when you eat so much. Or get old...

What I have to bring to Thanksgiving. A shot gun & some pies. 

Apple Hill 2012

Just have to go to Apple Hill every year.

 Jared loves his fritters. 

 No one else really does. Who wants apples in their doughnuts? Yuck.

 Running up & down the hill. Jared & I used to do this as we were young too!

We bought a 1/2 bushel of pink ladies (that were gone in a couple weeks).
Bought some yummy chocolate apples& other things with marshmallows. 
Caught a ride to our car from one of the original owners on his golf cart. 

Fun times had all around!