Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh Christmas tree!

We are not the type of family that goes to extreme lengths to find the "perfect" tree for the holidays. 
Home Depot is the place to be. 

This year we apparently waited too long to get a tree. 
The second week of December?
So we go to Home Depot. They don't have much to choose from, & are out of netting. 
So we head back towards home stopping at Rite Aid & Savemart who are all out of trees. 
We plan on heading over to Lowes. Stop at home for more jackets & to make hot cocoa. 
Thought it might be fun.

They have absolutely. nothing. zip.

Where are all the trees people?
So we go back to Home Depot, pour some hot cocoa & find a beautiful, humungous tree for $20. 
Can't beat that (except for all the driving).

The kids do a great job decorating. Jared puts on the star. 
We actually had to cut several inches off the top to fit in the house.

And here it is! Our tree for 2012. 

I love all the home made paper ornaments. 
All placed at a child's level. 

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