Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nativity play 2012

Every Christmas Eve we Hasletons (& whoever else is crazy enough) 
get together to act out the Nativity. 
Laurie has a wonderful collection of dress ups. Sometimes it's more fun to decide who wears what. 

Grant as Joseph. 

Charlotte was an angel.

Jared was a wise man, I always wear the fun jeweled crown thingy. 
I think it means I get to sit on the couch & do nothing;)
Nate was a wise man, Ellie a shepherd. 

My cute & adorable children. 

Sweet sisters. I wish they acted this nice to each other more often. 

Elliott surprised by keeping her outfit on the whole night. She loved it!
She also loved the baby Jesus doll. She kept giving him kisses in His "cradle."

Jared's traditional picture. I'm sure I have one of him like this every year. 

And Ellie playing with baby Jesus all night long. 

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