Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh Baby....

Dear baby,

Oh what you've done to me. Because of you I haven't left my bed in 5 days.
I haven't showered in 4.....ew, gross.
Because of you I've let other people take my kids wherever they want
& not had even one image of them all dying or being kidnapped.
Your older siblings have been living off cheez-its & fruit snacks
because that's what Grant can open.
They don't even ask me to get out of bed
any more cause they know it's useless.
Because of you I now have a record of not checking my email
for more than 3 days. I don't remember the last time I brushed my hair,
washed my face or brushed my teeth. When did I last change my undies?
I have no idea. I'm sure today is Sunday since I heard Hymns
playing from the office & I think Nate was wearing a vest.
Oh baby, what you've done to me.
Because of you I have chosen to put my body through this.
Because of you I am willing to put myself through this hell like week
& not know when it will end.
Because of you, I get excited to think of the time I will get to meet you face to face
& the pain & misery seems less. I am blessed to have the privilege to sacrifice my body,
my sanity (whatever is left of that), my time & well being.
Because of you & however many others there may be,
I am happy to do my time if it means you get to come be a part of my eternal family.
If it means you get to be mine forever, I will do this as long as needs be.
Because of you.


Francais Frit said...

Perfect for Mother's Day.

Hope it ends soon.

Cheralyn said...

Oh Jennifer, I had no idea you got so sick! I'm so sorry.

kristin said...

Who knew you were such a poet at heart! So sweet!
I hear you on the sick part- it's like the 24 hour flu for months on end and you wonder if your life will ever get back to normal. But like you said, it's all worth it in the end.

spencenjess said...

Did you get so sick with the others? I only survived three pregnancies with the constant companionship of Zofran. It's the only anti-nausea med that kept me out of the hospital. Is your doc being helpful?

The Maire Family said...

Oh you poor thing! But big congratulations on number 4! What's your due date? I'm 18 1/2 wks along and am only now officially over the morning sickness stage. What a pain!

Bongioanni Family said...

So sorry life is so rough right now, but congratulations!! I completely feel for the ladies with morning sickness. I hope you're mostly through it by now. We're planning to make a trip out to Sac next month... want to get together?

Bongioanni Family said...
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