Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye 1st Trimester...Hello Spring Garden!

Yes, I realize this is a horrible picture, but that's alright with me cause
I hadn't done anything but get up & work in the yard for awhile.
I looked like trash, so blurry is all good with me.
Today marks 12 weeks.
Hopefully just a couple more of feeling poopy, then I'll be good.

We harvested our garlic. They didn't grow as well as I'd like,
but these suckers are potent.
Our strawberries did great surviving through the winter.
Our one original plant has more than doubled. Lots of berries coming in.
I think I killed the equivalent of China in rollie pollies.
I used to have so much fun with those,
but they's gotz to go from the garden.
The kids score from a tired Mommy at Target.
I give these 2 weeks before they're broken or lost.
We had fun weeding winter's weeds, planting our seeds, blowing bubbles,
& squirting each other with our squirters.
Come on summer, we're ready for you.


Francais Frit said...

Love it.

I have been battling the slugs in our garden. They had become well fed on both of my cucumbers and pepper plants. Re-discovered that little Styrofoam containers of beer at dusk are the ticket. Caught 70 over one night....

The Shaffers said...

Look at that cute little belly! I really hope your feeling better. I so wish i was there to help you out.. Your garden look great!! We love bubbles here too, it keeps Hannah outside for a while....

The Maire Family said...

You are so good to be doing a garden. Its something Logan and I would love to do but I know I'd have them all dead by the end of week 1. I'm thinking maybe this spring we should really try to go for it. You look so cute by the way. Hope you feel better soon.