Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So this is slightly embarrassing to post these pics,
but I feel I need to post a question
to all my avid readers/bloggers/mommys.

Why are there NEVER any pictures of us???

I'll go through my families' pictures, & find that I'm not in any of them.
I know that's because I'm the one capturing all those wonderful memories.
But still, come on. So I'll give the camera to my awesome spouse
telling him to get some with me in them. Please don't think I'm vain.
It's not as though I feel that I'm so gorgeous & my picture must be captured.
Just that it would be nice to be in some pics with my kids.

So I am posting these pictures as proof.
SEVERAL are the only pics of me on Christmas, 4th of July,
Easter or vacations. It's all I got to remember for that year.
Plus, who needs 20 or so pics of my large rear end?

Maybe I need Jared to take some photography classes.

(Please don't laugh)


Cheralyn said...

I totally agree that somehow I am NEVER in any pictures. I can easily go back and count the pictures I am in for the year on two hands. But...... I'm sort of okay with that because when I do see a picture of myself, I wonder, do I really look like that???!

Lisa said...

You are awesome, and so funny!
David does the same thing, of course, but when I call him out on it, he innocently says, "What do you mean? I think you're beautiful."
What do you say to that?

spencenjess said...

I strategically go through the camera card every so often to delete those pictures of me. Sometimes I worry that if I die my kids won't have anything to remember me by, but we take a professional picture every least I look good in those. (I love the one of you reading the instruction manual!)