Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some firsts for Grant

My baby is going to school! No tears or sadness from me.
I was super proud of how big he has gotten. Grant has been preparing &
talking about going to school for over a year.

(Don't mind the time stamp, it's from my Mom's camera & we can't change it)

I have been waiting to be a soccer mom FOR-EVVV-ER.
So even though Grant only made the age cut by 2 days,
therefore making him theeeee youngest kid in the league,
I signed him up.
He doesn't run too fast, but he enjoys picking flowers for me during games.

During a game last Saturday, I kept looking into the backyard behind us. Then one time I looked, a small table in the yard had caught on fire. I told the people around me, "Ummm, can you tell if that's a table or a BBQ on fire?" We yelled a bit & after I had a bad attempt at climbing the fence (darn flip flops), one of the parent refs hopped the fence where there just happened to be a gallon of water & a towel nearby. WHEW Guess the person was in the shower & a candle caught the magazine on fire.
Never without excitement.

He looks like a natural.

Charly got to a bowl of cheez-its.
Kept finding bits & pieces
throughout the house for days

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The Shaffers said...

OMG Grant looks ADORABLE in his uniform!! I really wanted to sign Hannah up for soccer this year but we missed the cut off... So wheres Grant going to school? He looks so cute with his backback!