Saturday, September 26, 2009

Belated Sad Goodbyes to best friends

What I really wanted to do was scan some older pics of all us for fun.
But let's face it, I'm never gonna get around to it.
Here is a pic of one of Jared's best friends.
Vinnie has lived near Jared for a couple decades.
They strung up little brothers, buried the nice silverware,
started fires, you know, all the boy stuff.
That is until Vinnie joined the Air Force, then they both served missions,
then got married & moved far away. But For the last 3 or 4 years,
they've lived close enough for us to see them a few times a year.
But now, so long. It's time for them to go to Florida!
(Actually, it was time weeks ago, I'm just getting around to this post.)

They look good together.

Playing Guitar Hero while Charly hung out in the closet.

And here's my besty. We met at band camp. Yes, band camp. Andrea & I bonded immediately. Always at each other's homes, switched baby blankets, drooled after immature high school boys, camping, writing letters in class, the works.
Then her husband had to go join the Air Force too. So 3 years ago it was off to Germany. Boooo Ben Kanop (google the video) She visited a couple times, but was here for a bit a couple months ago before she was off to Georgia. A little bit closer than Europe.

The boys with the cute babies.

As Jared & I were driving away after saying goodbye, I was thinking out loud.
"It seems as though we just saw them, & that we'll see them again
sometime next week. Not like until Christmas time."
Jared said, that's how I feel about Vinnie.
That's when you know it's a best friend.

Several times I've lamented over not having a really good or
best friend that lived close. I wish I could find another like Drea.
But then again, that's what makes her so special.


Natalie said...

Best friends are great! Must be something eternal in that. We miss you guys! Come visit soon!

The Shaffers said...

AWWW Sweets, i LOVE LOVE LOVE you!! This made me bawl like a big ol baby.. But ya im missing you tons, i wish we could have stayed..