Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Quick Blanket & Congrats to Crista

Talking to my Mom last week, she says a co-worker's last day
before maternity leave is the next day. Really?
I had wanted to make this gal a baby gift & where did the time go?
Mom doesn't live close to work, neither does the preggers.
I told my Mom we could make a baby quilt in no time flat for her last day of work.
So we run over to Joann & grab some fabric.
Well, I was up after midnight finishing that thing.
Next time, I'll know it takes at least 4 hours to do a quilt,
more time if I want to be creative & not to cheat on the binding.
A couple weeks ago, we got a call from Crista.
She asked Jared if he'd like to baptize her.
Astonishment was not our first reaction.
A little bit of unbelief was more like it.
Jared & I had both worked with Crista over a decade ago.
She was married into a LDS family, but refused to go to church.
A year ago, she called & told me to sit down cause she
was gonna ask what time church was.
She came almost every Sunday, but said no to missionaries.
Then moved to Woodland. Starting seeing the miss' and decided
it was time to officially get rid of her stubbornness towards the church.
Congrats to you CRISTA! We are proud of you
& support your decision no matter what!
We're glad you're finally in a position to accept the Gospel.
It's always so wonderful to see someone make covenants with God.
Especially when it took a good 16 years or so to get there.

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