Thursday, October 22, 2009

I got my baby back baby back baby back baby back

Our cam-er-a has arrived from the doctor.
Might I just say that I will NEVER EVER take this thing for granted again.
No never.
The other cameras I purchased for a cheap price were bootsie (to say the least).
I'm glad Jared picked out such a nice camera back in the day we could afford it.
Although it was a few pretty pennies to get the thing fixed.

The first picture taken with the new lens/aperture & dent taken out?
The gorgeous Charlotte who has found the toilet paper annoyingly rolled up.
To fix it, she must first unroll, then drag throughout the house.
Now isn't that some good quality picture taking?

My apologies to Target.
Thanks for letting me return all the other cameras :p


The Caldwell's said...

Wow! She's already holding on to things?? I can't believe that! Babies grow so fast...She's sooooo pretty.

The Shaffers said...

Yea glad you got your nice camera back!!!! Look at that pretty little girl, can't wait to see you guys again!!!