Monday, August 6, 2007

Grant turns two!!!!!!!!

This was taken on the day grant turned two. i can't believe he is a real toddler. but he acts like it all the time.

Your story: It was 2 weeks past your due date. Finally the day came to be induced, hooray! So we call the hospital around 5 am, they say to come on in. We drive up to Morse but the paperwork takes a couple of hours. The upside is that we get an ABC room. That means the labor, delivery, & recovery is all in the same room that I don't have to share!

Finally the pit comes, labor hits hard & the epidural comes. People come to visit. Nana, Grandma & Grandpa, & Drea. Late at night, they say I can start pushing. But the warm fuzziness starts wearing off as I'm feeling the contractions & you on the way out. The epidural ends up wearing off half way through the pushing. When you come, I feel EVERYTHING. But you are healthy, a little blue as they had to work on you a bit. All in all, not a bad experience. 

We're glad you've come to our family. Happy Second Grant!

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