Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hasleton pics & quote

Our photo shoot a few weeks ago.
I'm sure The Picture People don't like us.
We come in, take a lot of time, cause a bunch of fuss.
Then end up using the coupon for a free print + another for 1/2 off.
My motto is to go in every time I get a coupon, get someone's pic taken.
It's a hassle, but free.

I had a hard time. They say a lot of Mommies
have to leave cause they get angry their kids aren't listening.
Why can't they all just sit, smile & look at the camera?
Jared says I have to post this as a quote.
I was asking why the boys weren't doing what they should.
I had to keep chasing after Charly.
I was so frustrated & I said, "come guys! I did my hair for this!"
At least the photographer laughed at that.
We did get a good picture.

A story from the car:
Grant & Nate were arguing in the back. I told Grant to ignore Nate.
Grant: I am ignoring him. He keeps on talking.
Mom: Then don't listen to him.
Grant: I have to listen to him Mu-OM. I have ears. Nathan, I wish I didn't have any ears so I don't have to listen to you.


Lisa said...

You guys look great! I love Charly's smile.

Daneece said...

Great pictures! I remember our picture taking days long, long ago. I always said we would never do it again, but we did! Now I'm glad to have the pictures despite the hassle. What a beautiful family!

kristin said...

Cute pictures!! Love what Grant said!

spencenjess said...

Our last appointment was a lot like that. I got so much harder with four. I can't wait to try with five. :) Cute picts!!!

Jennifer Rae said...

I love you guys...and charly's tongue sticking out...reminds me of her mom!

The Shaffers said...

Cute Cute!! Your hair looks good Jen! I hated taking Hannah to hers done she was a pill, Logans not to bad,yet.. Your boys CRACK me up,LOL!!!!

Nicole said...

I totally lose my cool trying to get my kids pictures taken, it is hard. But you get some great shots, especially of that cute little girl of yours