Thursday, March 4, 2010

Her favorite hobby

Charlotte's favorite thing to do is make a mess.
I know I know. All kids like to do this.
But she thoroughly enjoys it.
After she spreads everything out, she'll assess the situation,
& then push things farther out till she's satisfied it messy enough.
Here she is crying because either a) she's run out of Ziploc bags to take out.
Or b) she can't find her BB in the mess under all the bags.
After I picked up all the bags & cleaned the kitchen,
it only took her another few minutes to redistribute them all over again.
The picture below is a whole different mess.
By the way. Who ever donated all their
Sandra Boynton & Eric Carle board books to DI. Thank you.
I very much enjoyed buying them all for 50 cents each rather than $7 each.


Cheralyn said...

I'm wincing at the sight of all those ziploc baggies - I CAN"T stand it when my kids would get into those- sooooo messy and never the same again. She is such a cutie though!

Jennifer Rae said...

Jen that is just too cute. I know it is annoying, but it is really just too cute.

The Shaffers said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. She just cracks me up!!

Michelle said...

Heh heh! She is a handful, just like her Mother! Adorable!!!