Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Tree 2013


So I didn't take a picture 
of our thankful tree this year. 
Although it was up till mid January. 
But here are the things our family 
is thankful for in the 2013 year. 


Jared- CFE, my wonderful Ellie Bellies, my Priesthood, my crown jewel Britton, my sweet Charly, my Grantman, EQ, my sweet little ones, Great Nate, running red car that will never die, having no job but working a lot, MY WONDERFUL WIFE.

Jennifer- My boys (Jared, Grant, Nate), my workout clothes, parents living close by, Gertrude, my garden space, the gospel, my awesome kitchen, quilting skills, living on a court, Daddy wearing real clothes, exercise, my girls Charly - Elle - Bret, blankets to cuddle with, fruit trees.

Grant- my new bow and arrow, cookies, BOOKS, video games, my toys, ME, Wolf Cub Scouts, Mario Bros. Wii, our house, money, our clothes, T.V., G, UM, great food, T.V..

Nathan- moovees, our house, bugs, trees, my Kendama, cub scouts, the oceans, my brother, my haws, Karate, this world, water & air, cats, the 7 seas, my mom & dad, food, colors, my family, our cars.

Charlotte- scribble, scribble, scribble, M & M's, I love my family, fruit snacks, dresses, cats & dogs, Disney princesses, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, princess on ice, beautiful & pretty things, cupcakes, cakes, lollipops, Halloween candy, my brothers & sisters, horses - unicorns - birds, I love my family - flowers - Jesus Christ, the Temple, deer, ladybugs & butterflies. 

Elliott- Nana, gymnastics, Jesus Christ, scribble, shoes, my pink blanket, my toys, fruit snacks, ladybugs.

Bret is just thankful for mom's boobs, naps and cuddle time. At least that's my translation of what I think she likes.   

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